Blockly: unexpected string entry required

Since upgrading to OH 3.2 I’ve had to specify my temperatures in my existing rules (in the “but only if” conditions) with “°F” to prevent log errors.

Yet this script in Blockly does not work if that is in the string entered in the get state block.



Does not work:


I’m wondering if this is expected behavior or if it will change in future updates.

Thus should depend on your item and / or thing definition, if there is a unit of measurement and how item type and semantics are configured.

The Item is Number:Temperature. The Semantic property wasn’t set to anything so I changed it to Temperature but the result didn’t change.

The point is that I have to have the “°F” in the “but only if” part of the rule but I can’t have it in the Blockly script. I’m wondering if Blockly is going to change to match the way the other part of the rule handles it or if it will change.

That’s the important part - its state will be a Quantity, where the units are part of the state.
Semantics irrelevant here.

That is outside of Blockly in the rules framework, and there a quantity type state is treated as a quantity - units are used.

I believe they are working on this but not there yet.

Thanks rossko