I would like to display the average value of e.g. a temperature in the sitemap. I have selected Persistance in the Blockly. Then “average” and the item from which the average should be calculated. This works so far, but how can I display it. Thanks for the help.

The average of one sensor over time, or the average of a bunch of different sensors’ current readings?

If the latter, use a Group with the average aggregation function and put that Group on your sitemap with a Text element.

If the former, you need to create an Item and update that with the average. Then put that Item on your sitemap.

Thanks for the answer. I want to evaluate my solar system and know what daily average it generates. How do I do this specifically. Thanks

Maybe you have an example. Thanks

This is really basic stuff and you’ve already done this. What part do you have questions about? Creating the Item? Posting an update to the Item? Putting an Item on the sitemap?

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