Blueiris & openhab CHAT

Hi everyone after a chat maby some pointers regarding openhab and blueiris

What’s the best way too get notifications and picture from Blueiris but only when certain openhab triggers are on eg security system armed? Sent by push or email

Were should I focus my research too get this done

Should I let openhab handle the notifications and pull pictures from the cameras?

Or should I set up notifications on blueiris with that checking if triggers are on? Is that even possible

Yes you need Openhab to connect multiple different technologies that don’t normally work together.

Choose one of these methods:

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Hi Matt

Thanks for the reply much appreciated

Ok I will look into connecting blueiris too openhab and let openhab deal with the notifications ect

Thanks for the links there i had seen them before but a wasn’t sure if that was a good approach

Are you running blueiris and openhab?

No I don’t like the idea of buying a $700+ computer and then at least $100 a year on electricity extra when openhab can do what I need directly and my cameras have good firmware with the features I need built in.

I am using the method in the second link I gave you as it is easier to setup and if you want to cast cameras to chromecasts u need the binding anyway if BI does not do it?

I agree it’s a major expense but I built a ryzen system awhile ago that handles most of my network tasks and it had plenty of resources free and already ran 24/7

It’s mainly because I am too cheap to spend the reoccurring running costs. I have old PCs lying around I could use but they would draw more power due to their age. I can see the benefits of doing it, just I personally don’t need it not until the power requirements drop to what I see as worth it.

Out of interest what features do u use it for?

I just wanted a good place too start with my cameras, heard people saying blueiris is one of the best cctv softwares you can get.
But with me being new too it i haven’t actually looked into the features that much but it does have many

What sort of automations are you using for you cameras

I have an auto doorbell setup:
Detects if someone is walking towards the door (will not trigger if walking away from door) and it then takes an animated GIF and uses pushover to send the movie of the person walking to the door. It also plays a doorbell sound on chromecasts around the house. Works well and used because family will walk in our back door unannounced and wont ring any bells and our dog knows them. I get video of all visitors in realtime saving time each night reviewing footage.

I have a roll your own babymonitor that when crying is detected it can do any combo of these depending on switches that can be turned on and off as required:
I can push messages when the baby is crying to multiple phones.
Blink a certain light to the colour red then back to previous setting.
Display a text message on my TV
Cast the video to the TV or home hubs screen with audio.

How does it know the difference? Cameras triggered in different orderes? I like it

I have a similar one contact sensors on my door when opened says front door open ect you’r may be an improved version of that

Single camera using line crossing detection, alarm only triggers if movement crosses a line in a certain direction. Works very well. I’m guessing BI will have that ability.


Welcome to the world of BI + OpenHAB :slight_smile:
I’m the one who wrote that Blue Iris post linked above - That post is presented more complicated than it needs to be. If you don’t need animated GIFs, it’s much easier. You can do LOTS of cool stuff with Blue Iris and OpenHAB together.

Here’s a simple summary of some ideas:

  • Send push notifications when something is triggered in Blue Iris + OpenHAB. A good notification binding as suggested before is pushover since it lets you use animated GIFs, but others will work too.


  1. Send push notification when someone comes to your door.
  2. Send a snapshot of a person who rang the doorbell
  3. Send a snapshot if a gate is opened and no one is home
  • Show realtime OpenHAB item status in BlueIris videos (bottom left in following sample)
  • Create a custom webpage with OpenHAB controls overlaid (top right in following sample)
  • Use cameras as motion detectors to trigger OpenHAB items (i.e. turn on lights when motion detected on cam)
  • Put live video feeds in your OpenHAB dashboards
  • Change recording profile is your alarm is tripped
  • Turn recording on/off based on occupancy status in OpenHAB or any other binding (Alexa/Google Home)