Bluetooth based identification

Dear Community,

We developed an android app to detect the position of a person. The person has a cell phone (bluetooth receiver) and some bluetooth beacons are stored in the room/flat/house. Anyway, I would like to bring that approach into openHAB, i.e. by adding this functionality to the existing openHAB-Android-app. What do you think about this idea?

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IMO, a better place would be in the OwnTracks project. They’ve removed beacon support (at least in Android) due to reliability issues. If you got it working reliably, it would benefit more than just OH users.

Thanks for your advice. Unfortunately I am not able to get OwnTracks running properly in my current environment. But the idea seems attractice of course.

As in couldn’t get it to work, or your environment wouldn’t allow for it to work? If the former, I’d be glad try and help, especially if it would help to get beacon support back into it, but maybe you’d want to do it in another topic?