Bluetooth Binding in openHAB

we have the following problem.
We have installed a Bluetooth dongle and the binding in openHab.
Everything seems to run so far the web interface also appears.
But more does not work either.
It just does not work, even if you connect a new Bluetooth device in Windows.
The goal would be a presence control of Bluetooth devices.

Group gPraesenz // Gruppe Praesenz

Number NoOfPairedDevices “Paired devices in range: [%d]” (gPraesenz) { bluetooth="*" }
String UnknownDevices “Unknown devices in range: [%s]” (gPraesenz) { bluetooth="!" }

sitemap bluetooth label=“Hauptmenue”
Frame {
Group item=gPraesenz label=“Praesenz” icon=“present”

Now it works!
The Bluetooth Binding was the problem.
After I did against extract the Bluecove.jar into the Bluetooth Binding the problem was solved.

(You have to change .PDF to .jar)

org.openhab.binding.bluetooth-1.8.3.PDF (639.4 KB)