Bluetooth binding

Hi, I try to setup bluetooth binding on my mac and it doesn’t seem to work … on the openhab bluetooth binding page they said i need a library … Where can i fun more info on the subject ?

The Restrictions say the binding does not work for Mac OS (Yosemite). It may be the case that it doesn’t work for later versions as well.

For Mac and Windows the library you need is embedded in the binding and works just fine. It is only for Linux that you need to compile and replace the library (BlueCove) manually.

Personally I spent a good deal of time trying to make the binding work with no success. I know a lot of work is being done on it to make it easier to install and use for OH 2. In the mean time I’ve had the most success using the Bluez library and an external Python script.

i’m gonna try using EventScript and a php script (everything is already configure).

The only issue I have is I can’t find out how to send different script for different device. The dev told me that it’s possible but he is not really clear…

A new binding is available for betta testing: