Bluetooth discovery rule


I am very new to openHAB and still getting my bearings on the system.

I have setup some bluetooth devices, currently they are just being recognized as beacon’s. I have seen how to create the items and things by hand in the paper ui. Basically, they are smart blinds that we control, we have been buying new blinds and installing them.

I have been reading through the bluetooth documentation, and watching the videos I could find on this subject, and have not found an answer to what I’m looking for.

I am currently only looking at the RSSI value on each of them, my next step will be to try to connect to it and control them.

Finally, my question I am looking to create a rule (or ??) when I buy a new beacon and bring it into range, I would like it if openHAB could recognize it, create the thing and put it in my list of bluetooth beacons automatically.

I found where I can auto approve them, so they don’t just show up in my inbox, it appears, the item is then created, but, then waits for my intervention to create the thing.

thanks in advance

I got a question, If I show up with a random Bluetooth device, your system would just accept it as one of its own?
I did not work with Bluetooth and openHAB, so I am not familiar with the on-boarding process.

yes, that is true, It would show up in the system as a beacon.