Blukii temperature is incorrect or wanted?

I’m using the blukii binding for my “blukii Sensor Beacon Go 500”. Everythings works fine, BUT…
the temperature values are very confusing!

In plus degrees the values are shown correct:
17 = 17
16 = 16
15 = 15

but at zero degrees down the values change to different values like:
0 = 255
-1 = 254
-2 = 253
-3 = 251

At first time I manage it with a MAP but is that the wanted and correct implementation of the blukii binding???

this sounds to me that it’s worth a github issue…

Post it here:

with as much info as you can add (Item definition, logs, etc)

Most likely the developer lives in a Country where the temperature does not fall below 0 degrees Celsius (joking :slight_smile:)

@jak-o : Sorry to put in here an Off-Topic question, but may I ask you which USB adapter you are using with the blukii Beacons? Thanks!

I use no USB adapter. My sensors run with a CR3032 (3V) battery. Should last until one year, the manufacturer told me. I have these sensors since September and the charge is about 94% at the moment.

And how do you connect the sensors with OH?

I’m using an Raspberry Pi 3 (integrated bluetooth) and the bluetooth binding (includes also blukii).
OH finds my built-in (bluetooth:bluez:hci0) bluetooth device. That’s the “bluetooth-gateway” to search for BLE-devices like the blukii ones.
I declared my blukii sensors in blukii.items, described here and then you can use them like any other item.