Blurry Graphics in Safari


I just found after a fresh installation of openhab 3 and adding all Things and Items to a basic setup, that in the main UI overview on the page of the devices, the detail information windows are blurred e.g.

This only happens in Safari on a Mac, so using another browser helps.
This is not happening on my iPhone’s Safari.

Did anyone observe similar problems?

best regards

I get something a little similar on Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04. The popups eventually becomes sharp though - almost like it sometimes takes a few seconds to complete rendering!

I think I saw the ability to turn off animations under the help menu, give that a try.

Same issue for me on Safari with Mac.
It looks as if the blurred background is partially also applied to the window floating atop.

I tried it, but this did not help.
What I did saw anyhow is that the graphics are sharp for a very short moment and then become blurred again.

Same here (MacOS Safari), everything looks fine on my iPhone though…

I don’ know why, but now everything is fine again. I did deactivate the animations of the extended widgets under help but also turned it on again.
maybe sometimes the very basic thing helps again, like a say it in German:" Ein boot tut gut!" or in the common English meaning:“Has you tried to turn it off and on again?!”

So for me it works now since the last two days.
The animation suggestion may be a good try for others anyhow.