BMW ConnectedDrive Binding

yes would be good if this socmax would be implemented. I also had with the script. many thanks

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I see: You know what you’re talking about :wink: These points are really valid.

The soc_max value mentioned by you, @sdda and @leiweke sounds really interesting. Unfortunately I cannot access the navigation API. Response says 403 forbidden but maybe this is caused that I don’t have the BMW Navigation package anymore.

Can you please check this binding snapshot in your environment? I placed some info messages so just check your logs regarding response.

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Thanks for taking my/our ideas into consideration and creating a snapshot in short time.

Tried to install the SNAPSHOT file, but didn’t get it to work. Downloaded it to /usr/share/openhab/addons on my 3.1.0.M4 installation, chown done as well. But the snapshot was not loaded or activated. Unfortunately my openhab developement/test skills are limited :wink:

But did some experiments with the API. I assume you are using the authentication via, correct? I think the responded token has not rights to access the navigation API.

Some time ago I found (somewhere in the WWW, sorry I don’t know the link anymore) a way to get a token via With this token it is possible to access the navigation information including the socmax value.

The OAUTH call with curl looks like this:

curl -X “POST” “” -v -H “User-Agent=okhttp/2.60” -d “Content-Length: 0”

The token then is included in the response, there should be a line like this:

Location:[FOOBAR, FOOBAR]&access_token=abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz&token_type=Bearer&expires_in=7199

I’m aware that this way of getting the token is not that nice compared to the other one, but it seems it’s the only way to get the socmax value.

Are you using this OAuth mechanism currently in your scripts? End of last year this method was not working anymore and I switched to the same OAuth as implemented in bimmer_connected repo. I use this as a reference because they are always up to date with their implementation.
Using their software I get the same response

DEBUG:bimmer_connected.account:The BMW Connected Drive portal returned an error: UNKNOWN_ERROR (received status code 403 and expected 200).
DEBUG:bimmer_connected.state:Service NAVIGATION failed

I wonder why installing doesn’t work on your side. Did you install the BMW binding in the UI? If yes

  • uninstall the binding in Settings but keep your Things / Items and all of that
  • Things will appear Uninitialized with Handler missing error after this action.
  • place the snapshot in addons folder - Things shall be online again and the snapshot is used
  • Maybe also a restart with systemctl restart openhab because sometimes OH3 is quite picky when changing the binding during runtime.
  • Check if you can find the update reason in the channels.

Yes, this method is in use here and if you give it a try with the mentioned CURL command you will get a token. But be careful when Copy&Pasting, that normal " are used, otherwise there might be errors.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work here… After uninstall, copy of snapshot to /usr/share/openhab/addons and restart of OH3 BMW things are shown as UNINITIALIZED. After re-installation of binding via UI it goes ONLINE again.

Ok, this was quite a nightmare.

Authenticate method is working like described but somehow java is doing something different. Jetty Client doesn’t answer properly so I used standard libs from java and I receive now the soc-max values for Rest of World. But it seems it doesn’t work for North America at all and it’s hard for to investigate this.

When checking your update problem I switched to 3.1 Milestone 4 and this caused a big headache. All of my development binding don’t work anymore. I raised an issue and this seems to be a known problem. Switching to last release 3.0.2 also didn’t help. So I patched my development binding to be able to run it from addons folder.

Long story short: Yes the binding snapshot in the previous link didn’t work - no problem on your side. Give the updated binding from the above link another try.

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I would like to thank you for the add-on! Works perfectly on my i3 providing all the details (just installed and tested on the 3.1.0 M4). The only thing “missing” for me (so I would dismantle my existing phyton script) is socmax which shows the battery health over the period of time. It would be really helpful to have this value available as a channel. Below is an example how this value is changing (usually depending on the temperature):

Did you check the updated binding just in the post before?

I cannot say because I rolled back from 3.1M4 due to many problems on my other installed bindings. Also there are problems providing test bindings for the current Milestone. Just uninstall the BMW binding in OH UI - Settings and drop the snapshot from the previous post in the addons folder.

Please give me hint if this is working or not.

Thanks for your efforts… Installation of snapshot worked now.

I can see channels about connectionStatus, updateReason, maxRangeElectric and socmax now. And on first look they work well. I’ll use the snapshot binding the next days and will let you know, if I see any issues.

Great job!!! :wink:

P.S. Messages in log look like this (hopefully as you expected):

2021-05-17 01:03:30.668 [INFO ] [ternal.handler.VehicleChannelHandler] - {“latitude”:xx.xxxxxx,“longitude”:xx.xxxx,“auxPowerRegular”:1.0,“auxPowerEcoPro”:1.0,“auxPowerEcoProPlus”:1.0,“soc”:45.0,“pendingUpdate”:false,“vehicleTracking”:true,“socmax”:8.24}

Can that be, that I am still using the wrong snapshot? I took this one and stored to the addons folder. I cleared the OH cache and tmp directories to assure that there are no file clashes. I am on 3.1.0 M4 just in case it is relevant.

Looks like the jar is also loaded:

I am still unable to find the socmax channel.

For me it was necessary to remove the car thing (not the bridge) and create new to see the additional channels.

Just removed and created the car again - same result, the channel is not listed. I am OK to wait till this binding is merged into M5 (?) so I can test it again. Not sure what else could be of help.

You’ve now both bindings installed, this will cause conflicts. Go to Settings - Bindings and uninstall the official delivered BMW ConnectedDrive. After uninstall perform on restart of openHAB and check

  • if only one bmw binding is installed
  • your vehicle thing shows the additional channels

Cool, I did it exactly like you suggested - many thanks!

  • removed the official binding
  • restarted the OH
  • removed and created the car item again

I am now one step ahead and can see the channel and the value is “29.1”.

My python script delivers however 29.080 (higher precision) which makes a bit more sense because the value is changing slightly during the day. Is there any way to increase the precision?

Go to Settings - Items and select the Item holding soc-max. Click Add Metadata and select State Description. Now add in Pattern your desired precision e.g. %.3f kWh


That worked, many thanks for the hint and this excellent add-on!

Hello everyone and congratulations. I found the work done very interesting and I am successfully testing the binding.
I find an error for which I would like to ask you for help because I can not understand the meaning. Maybe some of you have happened to it or have already talked about it but if so, I couldn’t find where …
The error is this:
[WARN] [.core.thing.binding.BaseThingHandler] - Handler VehicleHandler tried updating the thing status although the handler was already disposed.

I just can give a guess here. Perhaps you created more than one Vehicle Thing after installation. It might happen a BMW response arrives after / during deletion of a Thing and in this case the above error occurs.

If it occurs one time after setup I would say you can ignore it. In case of multiple occurrences check Things in Settings, perhaps there’s still one in Deleting state.

I’ve installed now 3.1.0RC1 , everything is working fine but the soc-max is still not there. Will it be included when 3.1.0 is officially released?

I’m running 3.1.0 now and soc-max is also missing for me (BMW i3)