Bootable Image of openHabian


i`m new to the Raspberry world and need some help. to create an bootable SD Card with openHabian…

I have tried it like i did it with Rasbian but i don`t get an bootable SD Card as i did it with Rasbian, i get only an fat16 partition and the Raspberry don´t boot.

For Rasbian i did following Steps:

diskutil unmountDIsk /dev/disk5
sudo dd bs=1m if=/Users/daviddylong/Downloads/2017-02-16-raspbian-jessie-lite.img of=/dev/rdisk5

If i try it with
sudo dd bs=1m if=/Users/daviddylong/Downloads/openhabianpi-ua-netinst-20170218-git11d8ebc.img of=/dev/rdisk5
i dont get an bootable SD Card…

Thanks and greets,


If you have Windows try this:

I have only OS X…


I do not own a mac system, so unfortanetely i cant evaluate the tutorial on, but you can give it a try.

It describes 3 ways of installing operating system images on a mac.
From what i see above you tried the command line way.
Maybe one of the others could work for you.

I flashed the current opehabian img on a windows system and i think that the image itself works correctly.

The openhab docs refer to a tool called etcher:

Maybe this could help you too in solving the problem.
(Doc article:


I’d second this.
Use etcher. I’ve recently changed the openHABian documentation to recommend Etcher. It’s cross platform and I’m in contact with the developers to implement a function to ensure no errors during the whole SD card preparation process.

Good luck!

Side note: As always, please read the documentation.

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It works fine with etcher, i tried also ApplePi Baker but with the same results as with command line.

Thanks a lot guys!

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