Bosch Smart Home Binding does not update item states

Hello folks,

does somebody notice the same problem when using Bosch Smart Home Binding with Door Contact Items. I do get an item of the contact item but the state is only once updated, in the moment I link it. Then it never changes again. Anyone an item why or knows how to fix this?
First I though about a refresh rate somewhere in the Bridge or Things configuration but did not find a word about it in the documentation.
In my Bosch APP the state is correctly chaning with a delay of approx. 1s only.

Thanks for any help/idea.

Br Daniel

I have the same problem. Did you found a solution?

Dear @Carsten_Gorkow ,
unfortunatelly not.
good luck

which version of the Door contact sensor and Controller do you have?
I have a first generation controller / door contact sensor and for me the integration works fine. Every time I open or close the door I get the state update immediately in openHAB.

Could you maybe provide a logfile with DEBUG log level for the boschshc binding?
Could you also check the state via REST-API (GET https://<your controller IP>:8444/smarthome/devices/{deviceId}/services/ShutterContact)
Here would be a small description how to get a certificate for the authentication:

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Dear all,
In generall ALL my BOSCH things are NOT updated such as:

  • Arming State of intrusion detection system (doesn’t change if I arm or disarm)
  • motion detector (last motion…)
    If select channel in UI and “save” the new status is apparently retrieved and updated.
    I have just recently installed openHAB with Bosch binding 4.1.1.
    Bosch central is first generation.
    What could be the issue ?
    Where your issues resolved?


Hi @XTrabbi, did you observe whether the items/channels are updated after you restarted the system? I sounds like the long polling mechanism fails after some time.

This is probably related to this bug: [boschshc] Long Polling crashes regularly every one or two days · Issue #15912 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub
To verify, you could check your log files for long poll failures or the error message Scheduled runnable ended with an exception.

This issue should be fixed with 4.2.0.M1 or newer (4.2.0.M2 is the latest milestone release with the fix). If possible, you could update to such a milestone version and check whether it works then.

Let me know if you need any further assistance or have any more questions.

Hi @davidpace : restarting system worked indeed :slight_smile: Thanks for that valuable hint.
Now trying to update to 4.2.0.M1 or 4.2.0.M2.
Will report once I have found time doing so.

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