Bosch Smart Home: Enhance with triggers Scenario messages of Universal Switch Flex

to get the triggered scenarios of the Universal Switch Flex I enhanced the current implementation of the BoschSHC Binding. There is now a channel that reports the name of the triggered scenario.

Here you can find my changes:

Link to the jar file for testing: org.openhab.binding.boschshc-4.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Any feedback is highly appreciated and welcome.
Also if someone could give me some advice on what I am still missing for an official Pull Request I would be very grateful for it.

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Hi @patrick023, thank you very much for proposing this useful enhancement. I would suggest to add another channel that enables to trigger scenarios from openHAB as well.

Also, we started a technical discussion about whether the channel(s) should be added to the bridge or whether we should rather model scenarios as separate thing types. If end users want to make suggestions or have wishes about relevant thing types and channels, please feel free to join the discussion at [boschshc] Add scenario channel by pat-git023 · Pull Request #15550 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

Thank you very much for investing time in this useful enhancement @patrick023 :+1:

Changes for scenarios (receiving and triggering) are now merged into main and will be included in the next 4.1.0 release.

@davidpace @GerdZanker @laursen
Thank you very much for your great support to get this PR merged!!!

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