Bosch smart home switch Zigbee

I am thinking about making my light switches capable of switching smart home devices. Now I would not like to replace the switches, so I searched for a switch I could just put in the socket and have working as a contact in openhab2.
I have stumbeled accross a switch by Bosch, whitch seems to use ZigBee. Would it be possible to add this switch via a ZigBee dongle to openhab2?

The exact switch I want to use is only available on the german site, but this seems to use the same system.

I don’t believe that this uses ZigBee - it mentions 868MHz which is not the radio bands used by ZigBee.

I just did some googeling…
I have seen, that zigbee seems to use this band in europe

now I am confused
maybe it uses zwave?

No - it doesn’t. ZigBee uses 2.4GHz world wide. There is some sub-gig use of ZigBee, and there are a few channels defined, but they are not standard and I don’t know of any ZigBee devices that use these bands other than some smart meters in the UK, but this is a very recent ZigBee standard that is not applicable to home automation.

I think it’s unlikely as it doesn’t say. These bands are commonly used for proprietary protocols as well and if it was ZWave it would say it was ZWave.