I didn’t look into my BountySource account for some months and they charged overall ~50$ inactivity fee (about 70% of what I’ve still had in the account and now they charge again 10% for withdrawal of the rest). Also, their webpage often did not work correctly when I tried to use it. The BountySource policy seems to get more and more into the direction that they just try to get all the money for theirselves, they even tried adding quite radical terms of service (which they’d then reverted again) to reach that goal.

Looking out for some alternatives, seems to be a very similar solution that has quite some users. The fees are slightly higher than BountySource, but at least they’re not taking all the money when you don’t pay attention for some months.

There is also, but they seem to be a bit smaller and also it seems like they’re lying about the projects using it (they claim Vagrant and Grafana use it, but I couldn’t verify that).

Does anybody know other alternatives to BountySource?

have you researched alternatives?

I’m the Gitpay maintainer @pfink and thanks for the feedback.

We already had issues imported to Gitpay from the projects mentioned on our home page, like Vagrant (Gitpay - Bounties for git issues solved), but they didn’t have any payment. So I updated the list of the companies to reflect actually the companies who already paid for any issue imported to our platform.

And we’re always improving the platform with our community feedback.

We have a low fee for open source projects and you’re very welcome to try Gitpay and provide your feedback.

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