Brace yourselfs, theres activity (again)

Hi all,

I know it has been a long time again since there were extension news.
LSP is still a big questionmark in some cases and it has been a long time since we pushed the last release to marketplace on May 19th 2019.
Summer was really busy for me and there was not much activity from others.

We had some progress finally in the last weeks, that wont bring much new stuff in the extension,
but will hopefully give some stability to the project.

First of all: Azure DevOps builds (branch)
I have finished a background adaption and we have an azure build pipeline now.
This can be compared to our jenkins server, but is especially designed for microsoft related extensions like azure or vscode in our case.
We can now see a build history and launch automatic builds for contributions added to the repository and also check builds for proposed pull requests.

You can find the overview here:

I also tidied up the repo, changed our issue templates to the new workflow and extended our existing one to two templates.

There are more changes to remark, but i don’t want to bore you guys with all of that.
You can check the closed PRs if you are interested in the progress timeline.

What’s woth a mention in my opinion are the following changes:

  • A new hover provider which will give some RestAPI-Informations in the code editor
  • Refactored activation events, which will start the openHAB extension better,
    since it not only detects opened openHAB files,
    but also the openHAB config folder structure now
  • The Item and Things View will be available permanently in the future.
    (Not only when OH related Files are opened)
    I think this is important to have the existing Items/Things available while working with JSR223 files.

Also i have contacted @Max_Bec and we will try to join forces, to get formatting into the extension too.
He (and also @mhilbush, who was contacted too by max) did great work already and hopefully we can make this available for all users with only one installation needed.

Enough story telling.
Now lets have some facts.
I would like to push a new release in the nearer future, after getting the build environment to an improved state.
I have no detailed time-frame yet, but it should definitely work until the end of the year.

I would like to have the release donw without the formatting options, to get some feedback of the current changes.
We can then see how the progress with the formatting implementation is and then push a special release only for that, to get feedback on a one topic base.

I hope, that you like those ‘news’ and also like to hear that we are making progress again.
Hopefully we may also solve the mystics of language server on mid or long term.



Amen to that!

How to get that pesky LSP stuff working again? I dunno. I looked at the server side code and got pretty lost. With the LSP bundles in debug/trace mode, I can see the bundle start up properly, then wait for a client connection. After running VS Code, I can see where the bundle gets a connection from the openHAB VS Code extension, at which point it launches the language server. But, after that it goes silent.

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As said, its still mystical to me. :smiley:
But especially the build server and the refactoring were big tasks, i had on my todo before lsp.
I have the strong feeling that i can’t avoid LSP much longer.^^

I would like tp push formatting forward together with max with priority and then get some kind of roadmap for jsr223 suport together with @5iver so we can support that better too in the future,
as it comes more and more important. (Which is a good thing in my view.)

But LSP should then get some attention too in the future, but i hav no real idea how to grasp the problems. We will see…

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After having a look at the LSP issue I got it working again with the changes in this PR :slight_smile: :


Hooray to our Dutch guys :+1:

Great news @wborn. :ok_hand:
I had a look into the core lsp part too, but that was way out of my scope, so kudos for solving this.


The LSP fix is merged now and I saw it working again in build #1744. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait for the next milestone. :slight_smile:

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Upgraded to #1745 this morning and yes, it is working.
Thanks a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Joy!! :star_struck: For me it was the biggest remaining regression in 2.5.0.