BREL wireless system for roller shutter

Hi all,

I have OpenHAB3 running on a RPi4 and it’s running very well.
I have several roller shutters connected to the system. Some work with Tasmota flashed switches, others with Tuya switches and the Tuya-mqtt script. Everything works fine, no problem there.

Now I need to buy another roller shutter (we’re moving house soon) and I have been looking at a shutter with a solar panel and a Brel battery motor with bi-directional radio control. Looks interesting.

Question: does someone have some experience with such a system and if so, did you need additional hardware and/or software to get it running?

Thanks for answering me,

The RFXusb-RFX433 and RFX433-Wifi supports the Brel bi-directional now.
These Brel motors have a nice feature to set closing to a percentage.