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I have various remote controlled equipment here and each vendor is offering its own private integration, almost always with a pricey “box” to control it.
As I want to avoid to learn 5 different systems and because I already have an ArchLinux server running 24/7 here, I installed openHAB 3 on it
Initial setup went smoothly, I was able to define the model quite nicely and even could connect to my ISP set-top box as the first thing in the environment.
However, I have quite a few other remote controlled items of interest:

  • Somfy/Velux roller shutters using ioHomeControl
  • Somfy awning using RTS
  • Eglo VLink Tunable White Wifi LED buld
  • Silvercrest 433.92 MHz power sockets
  • WSTX35DTH 868MHz temperature/hygrometry sensor

Looking around here, I was able to figure out that I would surely need a MQTT broker, so I also installed Mosquitto.

My final goal is to have a totally autonomous installation, one that does not depend on cloud based providers that could stop working without warning.
For the roller shutters, I know that I must invest in a Velux KLF 200 gateway.
For the others, it is less clear and I’m wondering what is the best course of action to discuss the available options. I believe I should start a new conversation for each device, detailing my initial findings and questions, but I’m not sure of the category where I should place them in.
Would you have any recommendation for these future messages?

Hello obones and welcome to the OpenHAB community!!!
Great first post!

That is indeed possible using OpenHAB

Actually, that sounds like a good idea, start a new thread for each technology you wish to learn about. Search the ‘Add On’ portion of the documentation to see if a add on exists for your devices. Do any of the devices have an available API (application programing interface)?

The beginners category is a great place for such topics as folk check that category to help new folks
Have fun!!!

Welcome! Note that throwing openHAB into the mix is probably going to make you have to learn six different systems. openHAB will integrate with lots and lots of technologies but you still have to have at least a basic understanding about how the technology you are integrating works to successfully integrate it with openHAB. And then you need to understand openHAB in order to make it all work together.

I agree with Andrew, a separate thread for each is probably best. The best category to post in will be Setup, Configuration and Use -> Add-ons I think.

Thanks, a warm welcome is always appreciated!

Well then I’ll create those threads.

If only, that would make my life easier. Note that while I’m new to openHAB, I have a fair bit of experience in application development (Delphi, C#, embedded C++) network and electronics (PIC, ESP32, analog…)
I should thus be able to understand how the Things work and the way they talk together.

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