Brink Flair 300 Modbus integration

I’ve implemented an integration for Brink Flair 300 ventilation unit using the Modbus binding. I haven’t tested it, but I presume it will work with Flair 325 unit too.

All the details to be find in my GitHub repo. For now the texts are mostly in Czech, if somebody is interested, I can translate it.

Best regards

Hi, I actually found your repo while searching for a brink flair 325 integration.
I’m interested in using it, although I plan to use it with home assistant instead.
Did you need to buy the UWA2-B/UWA2-E ( from brink and then connect the USB-to-RS485 to the UWA2-B board? Or you can connect the USB-to-RS485 directly to the flair unit?
Also, the readmine in English would help, although google translate works as well.
Thanks for your hard work.

Hi, I didn’t have to buy anything. There’s Modbus connector X15 on the unit, just use it. It works out of the box. Good luck :slight_smile:


I can help you for the translations in French, Dutch and English.

Thank you for this module!

Kind regards,
Xavier Miller.