Broadcast notifications always pops up twice (iOS App)

I was just wondering, if I’m the only one having this issue…
For details, please have a look at the Github issue I opened four days ago, but due the complete absence of reaction there I thought I may ask here: Broadcast notification always pops up twice · Issue #615 · openhab/openhab-ios · GitHub


Has the iOS app being abandoned? No activity since January, not even a single comment on issues,… - is is really dead?

Check the devices tab at Chances are you’ll find your device listed twice. Try removing one and that probably will fix your duplicate notifications.

As for your other question, I don’t know if there’s anyone still working on the iOS app. Development seemed to drop off suddenly early this year. I wish I had the skills to contribute (and had the free time) as it was a very exciting year of development before that. Disclaimer: not a complaint; just a concern.