Broadcasting OH machine's hostname for apt installation

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: linux debian CLI only installation on an intel j4100 mini pc
    • Openhab installed via apt repository , snapshot 1566

So far i’ve enjoyed an openhabian installation on a RasPi3, which, when installing from the provided image, broadcasts its nice and tidy “openhabianpi” name on the network.

I’d like to achieve something similar on an apt based installation.
A search on google has led me to this
and this

I have attempted to fiddle with a number of files,without success, and i’m not experienced in linux enough to feel comfortable with not messing up things.

Could anybody give me any pointers on how to do it not messing up openhab’s network settings?


Why did you stop using oprnHABian?

This is totally beyond the scope of OH. You will have better luck along on a Linux forum.

i’ve been given as a gift a mini pc.
I had been stuck on Oh2.2 on an rpi with zway binding working for a while. Tried to move to on rpi with z-wave binding but some things still didn’t function as i wanted, and the common assumption is that one can’t really contribute while not being on the latest snapshot, so i took a chance, and decided to switch to minipc + latest snapshot + aeotec zwave stick.

btw i’m now figthing with OH not starting because i’ve changed the ownership of the samba shares to my own username, (which wasn’t “openhab”) thinking it woudln’t affect things - while the minPC name is correctly broadcasted
pfft :joy:
definitely lacking some linux knowledge XD

i sometimes wish there were some “DON’T DO…!” listed somwhere.
At some point i might well write them myself, as i apparenlty have a talent for banging my head against unforeseen walls

FOR ALL NOOBS like myself

  • installing samba fixes the broadcasting of the name of the machine on which you have installed OH

  • if you change the ownership of etc/openhab2 and var/lib/openhab2 to anything other than openhab:openhab, OH won’t start anymore. at that point: delete the cache and tmp subfolders in var/lib/openhab2, change the ownerships back, restart, issue solved :slight_smile:

The reason I ask is because you don’t have to be running an RPi to use ooenHABian. It’s just a bunch of scripts so if you follow the manual installation instructions you can take advantage of openHABian on any Debian based Linux distro. Especially if you are not proficient in Linux, that will give you a much stabler base to start with compared to doing it all yourself.

i have installed openhabian-config, and used it to install grafana and influxdb i.e.

i was just
at first- trying to solve the pc name boradcasting before installaing samba (now i know it’s pointelss)

then trying to personalise the username of the samba share, messing up OH’s access to those folders.

it’s a learning process. in the docs you have the DOs, i don’t know the DON’Ts, but i can cope with a bit of drama. :wink:

TY @rlkoshak ,also for the many guides and design patterns :slight_smile: