Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest?


you need to store the thing status into a switch item with a rule like the one

rule "broadlink:sp2:34-ea-34-f5-ae-aa"
when Thing  "broadlink:sp2:34-ea-34-f5-ae-aa" changed

		var String thingStatusInfo = getThingStatusInfo("broadlink:sp2:34-ea-34-f5-ae-aa").getStatus.toString
		switch (thingStatusInfo) {
			case "ONLINE" : {thingStatusInfo="ON"}
			default : {thingStatusInfo="OFF"}
    logInfo("txtBroadlink SP2 [] SP2_3-thingStatusInfo", thingStatusInfo.toString)
		SP2_3_LastUpdate.postUpdate(new DateTimeType())


you can persist the Switch item and use this timeline Timeline for Basic UI

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