Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest?

Damn :frowning: guess ill have to wait for an OH3 version

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I’m also looking forward for the OpenHAB 3 broadlink binding as I have quite a lot of dependency on the RM3 Pro

In the mean time, If you still have an old spare raspi you can have OpenHAB 2.x running with the working 2.5 broadlink binding and just the broadlink items, and access them through 3.0 “remote OpenHAB” binding. It works like a charm!!!

This is what I am doing. Using my pihole / media server RPi for oh2.5and broadlink. works a treat.

Lot of us are waiting for that… I’ve also postponed my plan to move to OH3 until Broadlink binding is solved.

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Hi @themillhousegroup Can we test or assist in any form? :slight_smile: Do you have rough idea about how long this will take to port to OH3? thinking also about setting up remote Openhab binding in OH3 until then :slight_smile:

That’s great timing - I’ve just finished testing the new binding on my OpenHAB 3.0 instance.

Very happy to report that it’s been working fine with my A1 and SP3 devices, with no changes to the Things or Items that were already existing and were brought over in the 2.5 -> 3.0 migration I performed on my system as per the official instructions.

So without any further ado:


thanks for the new binding John, but am I missing something? The downloads available are zip & tar.gz, not the .jar I was expecting…?


Awesome, I just recently upgraded my instance to OH3 and need to start porting my unreleased binding.

Just FYI, you haven’t included the compiled jar for the release. Can you do that?

I was wondering what it would take to do IR capturing through the binding, I moved homes and need to capture the remote codes for the new heat pump remote…?

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Argh sorry everyone, the JAR failed to attach for some reason - it’s there now.

@Cossey I agree being able to capture with the binding would be awesome, but to be honest I have neither the time nor the motivation to implement that at the moment (I’ve got captures for the two air-conditioning remote controls that I [selfishly] need to work) - if you’re keen perhaps you could liaise with/leverage/copy/scrape the solution at RM Bridge - Code Learning as a functional starting point?


Two other options to capture IR codes, though not via GUI: via python-broadlink or direct via mqtt.
I used both and got i.e. my Samsung TV IR codes and was able to send them via mqtt to my RM4C.
My Samsung Aircon is acting up though as it gives different codes for the same command…

I was wondering if is possible to work also the other way, link press one button from the IR remote and turn off some light or something?

hello, thanks for your great work.
I’ve added the jar file in the addons folder but the binding is not recognized: What am I doing wrong?

Here is answer:


@themillhousegroup Thank you . the Binding 3.0 works perfectly for

mini rm3
Rm2 (RF & IR)

Well Done!

Installed the binding and working perfectly. Thank you very much for the contribution.

It works perfectly on RM4 Pro!


Just tried it with my RM4C, was discovered without issue.

Really great to see so many people having a good experience with the OH3.0 binding!
I’m going to push pretty hard now to tidy up the last few things that might prevent this from being included in the official OpenHAB 3.1 release … :crossed_fingers:


Is there a howto/tutorial to follow? I on OH3.0 and have two RM3s. Thanks

Hello everyone,
Where should we insert the Auth Key and initial vector of the device? or we shouldn’t any more?
the binding recognize and add the thing rm2 pro through the UI

thank you for all the great work