Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest?

See at post 589

Thanks @themillhousegroup

it’s stable

All the items SP are defined as SP2 (see the icons)

i think that the power consumption do not work for SP2


Thank you! I missed that post previously.
Its working now.
Could you help me (or someone) how can I Switch on and off my air conditional with amazon alexa?
This is my config now:

String BedroomAirConditional "Bedroom Air Conditional" { channel="broadlink:rm3:348d2600:command"}
Switch item=BedroomAirConditional label=“Parents AirCond” mappings=[ParentAirOn=“On”, ParentAirOff=“Off”]

Thank you in advance

Hello, I think about buying a Broadlink RM Pro to control my 433MHz roller shutters.
Does this work with this binding?


hi, i would love to try the binding, can u pls send me the instructions.

I think it would be necessary to create a new post with precise instructions. because it’s incomprehensible lol

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Hello Chef!
Here’s a short version that I hope could help you on the way:
Check Cato’s Post 56: Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest?

Download the latest version of the binding with thanks to John @themillhousegroup :slight_smile:

Place the JAR file in your Addons folder:

The IV & Vector Key:
Key = 097628343fe99e23765c1513accf8b02
Vector =562e17996d093d28ddb3ba695a2e6f58

Lets see how far you get withe this info…


Thank you @X-Ray181 .

For the moment, I used Black Bean control , there is the self-learning of IR and it works perfectly, but there is little delay, 6 or 7 seconds to launch the IR command. Two question:

  • is the IR code of black bean control are compatible with broadlink binding ? (example : powerTVsdj = 260046008d941238123812381213121312131213121312381238123812131213121312131213121312371337131312121337133713371337131213121337133713121312131213000d050000 )
  • is the binding faster to send the IR command ?


Yes & Yes :crazy_face:

cool thx , last question : you think I can keep Black bean control on the raspberry and install this binding, because the self-learning is really useful :slight_smile:

Think that should be posible, I also have an android device with the RM Plugin online that can do Mqtt & http , they don’t bite eachother, so make a good backup and give it a try! and with the Pi thats easy to do (OpenHabian)

thank you again @X-Ray181 :wink:

please see this…
its windows way to copy codes… i found it most easy than all other methodes

Hi there, do you guys know about RM code generator to generate random RF and IR command? I find it promising, however it is developed with HomeAssistant in mind and it is not optimized for this binding.

Can anybody take a look on result code and give enlightenment to convert it to be put on

I agree, I placed the jar in the folder, I configured everything but I’m stuck since I have no idea of how to set the signal codes, and use a button to send the signal :frowning:

All the information is there, did you do step 7?

Step 7 : For RMx devices only. Create an item in your items file and add it to your sitemap.

item file:
String TV_LIVINGROOM “TV” { channel=“broadlink:rm2:b4-43-0d-38-fa-9d:command” }

sitemap file:
Switch item=TV_LIVINGROOM label=“Power” mappings=[TV_POWER_ON=“On”, TV_POWER_OFF=“Off”]

Thank you for this summary @X-Ray181 , I was spending lot of time going through all posts and was not clear how to make it work.
Now it works like a charm (I have 2 RM3 mini and add AC’s, TV’s , set top boxes and fans).

Dear @Cato_Sognen,
Is it possible to update 1st post with info from X-ray181 post 813 to allow new users go directly for installation/configuration?

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Hello Karel,
You’re welcome, Cato is not with us anymore, so he won’t answer, but whats keeping you from making a new and improved version of the installation/configuration? you now know how to make it work and where you struggled…

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edit : I’m sorry for Off Topic

sounds as good idea to create additional how to (i’ll try to summary it during weekend) even i would say your post is enough to guide anybody and I really appreciate your help. But my point was more that it is not easy to find correct info in several hundreds of posts.
There is no function to make some of the posts “sticky” on top of thread?

No Problem! I understand the problem :crazy_face: All the information is here, but its not easy to find, I agree totaly.
I think this info should be on the document site off OH, with all the other binding “How To’s’” documentation, I think it should be here: ?
I have no idea how to get it there, but somebody will tell us soon!:laughing:, I will help and I hope John will to @themillhousegroup
I think it’s time to make it official, the binding is stable and working reliable for many off us, so now its time to document it for the next generation! :vulcan_salute:

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