Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest?


I have an RM pro, and need both IR and RF control of it in OpenHAB. I’d love to test for you and can also contribute development (or tinker with some RE) if needed.


I’m interested in a Broadlink binding too. Please let me be one of your tester.

Hi Cato,
I have all Broadlink device types and would be very interested on this binding. Can surely share all tests with the OH community.
OS: RPi, Android, iOS and Windows 10.
Great effort.



I also have Broadlink RM2 pro and many RF sensors and I am very interested for Broadlink binding.

I am interested too, let me know when its released please

I’m interested in the Broadlink binding and can help you beta testing. I’m using RM pro, SP3, TC2, S1C and A1 (so basically everything).
System is running on a Raspberry PI 2 + openHABian.

Thank you for your work!

Hi Cato,

I’m also interested in testing the binding. Openhab2 on a qnap nas & RM PRO.

Thanks for your help, work & time

I am interested as well. Hopefully this is not dead.

I too would also like to use this. I am about to purchase an RM pro to sit in my AV rack to control all the IR devices / learned devices - Including a matrix switcher. Thank you

Hello @Cato_Sognen !

Since it’s been a while, I was wondering if you’re still planing to publish this binding?

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Home Assistant has had this capability for a long time and it is one of the reasons I can’t ditch it. So, yes please this binding would be much appreciated

I waiting this binding too.

I’m also keen for this binding, can test on a Synology NAS with OpenHAB2 and RM Mini3.

Is this project dead? Im considering buying a rm mini 3 but i’d like to know if i can get it to work with openhab?


If you are considering buying it, you can use Python script I’ve made via Exec binding. It’s not as easy to use as binding, but it allows you to include RM3 mini into OH setup. Since RM3 mini is really cheap, it’s the best way to include IR devices into OH.

You can find a topic about the Python script here:

and the code is located here:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @davorf i’ll definitely check it out. Though it seems a little bit too complicated for me but that doesn’t mean i shouldn’t try.

Any news about the binding?
i would like to test it :slight_smile:

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would be interested

Hi, I’m very interested in the binding as currently I use RM Pro to control Livolo switches. The Broadlink’s app is not user friendly! I want to use OpenHAB to control the switches via RM Pro but binding is missing.

Pls share your work with us!

Hi @Cato_Sognen,

after initial enthusiasm you seem to have gone silent. Please let us know if you are still pursuing this and people can join your beta or if you are unable to for some reason. I’m sure we’ll understand if not but the unknowing is the problem. Thanks.