Broadlink binding for RMx, A1, SPx and MP. Any interest?


Which version of openhab are you using?


I found a small python script, which is able to export the android e-control datafiles.

FYI, i modifed the script to work with python3 & automatically creates a file with the transform syntax.

Hi all,
I’ve tried to configure this binding with new purchased Broadlink RM Pro. Binding see it as RM2 but RM Bridge return error that itsn’t RM2 :frowning:
I unable to get any code for testing binding itself. I’ve tryed to get POWER_ON from example posted here but nothing happence and I can see next error in the log:
"14:15:06.735 [INFO ] [smarthome.event.ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘TV_BR’ received command TV_POWER_ON
14:15:06.736 [WARN ] [.core.transform.TransformationHelper] - Cannot get service reference for transformation service of type MAP
14:15:06.736 [ERROR] [dlink.handler.BroadlinkRemoteHandler] - Failed to get MAP transformation service for thing Broadlink RM2 []; is bundle installed? "

Using this bundle I able to get temperature from broadlink at least :slight_smile:
“14:14:47.851 [INFO ] [marthome.event.ItemStateChangedEvent] - BR_Temperature changed from 25.200000762939453 to 25.100000381469727”

I’m looking for any help and advice.



Did you install the MAP transformation service?


Thanks for sharing this. The tool works great.

The only problem I’ve had is when exporting RF codes I see just a long string of Chinese characters in the .txt file. Have you seen this before. IR exports looks good.


No, sorry. Just using ir (rm3 only).

The new 2.1 version. The stable release

Go to Add-ons -> Transformations and install the Map Transformation binding.

In your log it looks like it is not installed.


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Cato, great thank you!!!
Now it’s working! At least I can see that by led on broadlink :slight_smile:
The next challange is how to get working cods :slight_smile:
Will try Piton script published here.

Tank you!

Hi All,
Using I was able to export IR codes :slight_smile: and now I able to control my TV in OH2 via RM Pro.

Guys, could you share how you implement TV control, list of channels and so on in sitemap, items, rules…

Thank you and kind regards!

Step 4: For each device you are required to enter a common Authentication Key and IV parameter.

Could you share over private message the link?


Just google “broadlink initial key” and you will find appropriate link within first three :slight_smile:
Authentication key = initial key
IV parameter = Initial vector

THANKS :slight_smile:

I have the Map transformation installed. As i said, it started out working and it wouldnt work without the transformation.

Thanks so much for your hard work on this binding! Just to let you know, I got it working flawlessly with an SP1 (I think anyway), this is the product I have for peace of mind in case anyone else wants to know if it works with openHab before purchasing.

Thanks again!

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Thanks Adam. Its good to hear that its working.

I believe with this we can add SP1 to the confirmed list supported devices, which now includes A1, RM, RM2, RM3 and SP1. If any of you have SP2, SP3, MP1, MP2 or a re-branded/OEM device as Adam’s SP1 please let me know and let us work together to resolve any bugs.

Besides that I am making further progress on the S1, and I expect support to be included in the next beta version. I’m also working on a new solution for RM devices that will (optionally) remove the need for the map/transform file.

I think its a good idea to include Fahrenheit. If not in the next beta version , then the one that follows.



Please let me know if any of you have the DOOYA DT360 electric curtain motor. It is supposed to be compatible with Broadlink and it would be good if we could add support for it.


Is this binding able to support the TC2 wifi switch as well? I understand that the TC2 switch will require the RM pro to be used together and controlled using RF.


TC2 is supported (and so is TC1 and potentially other RF based wall switches) if you have RM2/Pro. The steps to get it working is the same as for other RF devices, i.e., obtain the RF codes and insert it into your map/transform file. There are several ways to go about to get codes, but I am not sure which would works (best) for the TC2. I would try the site first. If that doesn’t work then get the code by extracting it from the e-control database, more details here Note: I could only get the rooted method work for some of my RF devices.


Is the code format in the script compatible with this binding? Or would I have to relearn the remote codes?