Broadlink Binding in 3.4.0 questions

I want to get this working with an RM Mini3 device, but have found the documentation a bit lacking. The Broadlink thing exposes 3 channels: one to set the device into learning mode (switch), one to save the received command (string), and one to send the saved command back to the device (string). It seems to me that there should be an accompanying widget to help configure the device? Also, I don’t see any way of telling that the device has successfully learnt a command so that it can be saved. Talking of saving, where does the learnt code get saved?

I’ve been successfully using the binding from the Millhouse group, and this uses a map file, but I just can’t my head around how this ‘official’ binding operates.

Any clever people out there that can point me in the right direction?

A little bit off-topic, but I started using GitHub - eschava/broadlink-mqtt: MQTT client to control BroadLink devices instead of the openhab binding after facing some issues (can’t recall what) in the past with the binding. I haven’t tried to see what the current situation is with the binding since the mentioned project works perfectly for me.

Has nobody tried this binding with an RM mini3?

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