Broadlink Black Bean (RM 3 Mini) IR Controller - Integration in OpenHAB

(Andres) #142

Hello. I’m trying to use this python script… If I run the command from console, it works awesome and my tv turns on and off.
My problem is when I try to use it with Exec Binding. I actually have Openhab2, and the exec binding instructions are not clear.

My items file looks like this:

Switch TVLiving “TVLiving” [ “Switchable” ] {exec=">[ON:sudo python /usr/share/openhab2/exec/BlackBeanControl/ -c TVLivingON] >[OFF:sudo python /usr/share/openhab2/exec/BlackBeanControl/ -c TVLivingON]"}

If I run this command from console: sudo python /usr/share/openhab2/exec/BlackBeanControl/ -c TVLivingON

it works great… BUT when I try to run that command with Exec Binding, it does not work.
Can I get some help??
Thank you in advance.

(Neil) #143

why not just use Cato’s binding? It works fine.

Details here:-

(Andres) #144

I’ve been trying to use it but was impossible to find the “common Authentication Key and IV parameter”… Been googling for 3 hours and not any luck. :confused:

(Ray) #145

Give in “broadlink iv key” and it wil be on a github page, hit 3 or so, it is also called “initial vector” and “initial key”

(Lionello Marrelli) #146

I actually did so. Moreover, it happened to me that when I had to reset a rm3 because I changed the wifi ssid, all the previously stored commands were no longer working and I had to use the learn procedur again (basically canceling the content of the .ini file and sending commands through openhab again).
Edit: Davorf already pointed out this issue when he described the broadlink package

(Heinz Peter Hippenstiel) #147

based on

And Broadlink uses QUIC

(Nakh Home) #148

Impressive. Do it work also on rf or only infra red?

(Marcel Oliveira) #149


It’s working pretty good for R3mini, but it does not work with R3 Pro, do you know how to capture RM3 pro? I can’t find a way to do that…