Broadlink thermostat Add-In use for more general broadlink devices

I recently upgraded to OpenHAB 3.4, which works great by the way. Thanks everyone for delivering such an excellent product!!!

I noticed that the broadlink-thermostat binding allows control of some of the more general broadlink universal remote devices.

I am a long time user of the broadlink add-in by @themillhousegroup (very grateful for the amazing work) , but I always encountered an issue with random excessive delays when sending IR codes, using RM Mini 3 and 4. I have been looking at the code, and intended to update it to OpenHAB 3.4 and try to fix this issue i encountered, but sadly work priorities keep delaying this project.

So I decided to give the broadlink-thermostat binding a try. On preliminary testing (I need to spend more time with it) It appears to have a better response that the previous binding I was using. I haven’t experienced the 10+ second delays i was experiencing with the other binding. There is still some delay at times, but it is not more than 2 seconds.

Still, one big downside is that it does not support the RM Mini 4 (Most of my devices). I was only able to test it with the RM Mini 3.

Additionally, i see that the binding is based on the broadlink-java-api library, and when looking at github, it appears this library has not been updated in more than 3 years. It also has a number of pullls pending, which makes me think it may not be updated anymore. So it might be difficult to get the RM Mini 4 supported.

I was wondering what is the best place to ask if it would be possible to get RM Mini 4 (With sensors) Supported. Would that be the broadlink-java-api github? or OpenHAB? Has the broadlink-java-api code been integrated into openHAB, or is it still dependent on the original project?

I am also wondering, given how long it has been since the library has been updated, is it a concern that it will become stalled?

Thanks for the insights!

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