Broken link in the openHAB doc website for the Smartthings binding

Background / issue
The OH documentation for the Smartthings binding contains a broken link to the addons github repo. I am the original developer of that binding and fixed this issue once but it is broken again. Is there a better solution than including a link to the openhab-addons repo?

The Smartthings binding documentation is at: and that link works fine.

That page points to a file that is in the doc directory and that link works fine. It appears that when the documentation website is built the contents of the bindings doc directory is copied.

That page contains the following link to the openhab-addons github repo: and this link is broken. It seems that referencing the github repo in the documentation is brittle.

That contrib directory contains files that the user needs to deploy to the Smartthings hub.

Is there a better way for me to reference the contents of the contrib directory in the documentation? Or, would it make sense to have the contrib directory copied to the documentation repo.

I could also move the contents of the contrib directory to the doc directory.

If this is better raised as an issue in a repro please let me know where it should go.

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Hey @BobRak

I have checked the files in your binding code.
The last change was 2 months ago including those fixed links.

We are copiying the complete addon docs to the openhab docs repository from time to time.
(To a “hidden” place)
The version of smartthings docs we have copied is 3 months old.
So your change simply hasn’t been copied over yet.

This may be possible due to our current build changes since we are preparing some stuff fo openHAB 3.

If you have a look at the links should be working fine already.

So generally there should be no need for any action from your side and we take care that you can handle binding code and docs in one place.
That is how it is intended to make life as easy as possible for binding developers for the docs.

Small problems are still possible caused by our structural changes for openHAB 3.