Bticino binding - temperature control problem

i just installed oh2 on my raspi3 with the bticino binding (1.10.0.snapshot). control of lights works fine (who=1) but if i want to display thempereature of a room (who=4) i only receive 1 value direct after restart of openhab. this value does not change, even if temp changes. if i restart raspi then the new actual temperature is displayed, but never will be updated.

my items is:
Number temp_Buero “Büro [%.1f °C]” {bticino=“if=webserver;who=4;what=0;where=17”}

and in sitemap:
Text icon=“temperature” item=temp_Buero

would be great if anybody could help me, thanks in advance

Hey Stefan, did you find a solution?
I’m not getting any temperature read outs from my bTicino probes in OpenHab… I do get them in the OpenWebNet test application.

hi depechie,
i tried very much the last months! some weeks ago i tried with minimal-conifg in the f-454, same problem. now i tried complete new installation of the raspi, and the bticino addon i installed just today. at the moment it works, now already for more than 6 hours. bevore it worked only for 1-3 hours. so i´ll go on and observe.
but if you don´t get any temp i think you must have another problem.
can you see something in karaf-log?
do you connect to an f-454? did you allow the ip-adress from your raspberry there?
do other bticino-components work (eg switch light on/off)?
best regards, stefan

Hey Stefan,
Can you show me what your config looks like in OpenHab for the temperature connection?
I’m connecting to a MH200N but ‘normally’ the openwebnet protocol should be the same regardless of the bTicino config hardware?
Would love to get the readouts too :slight_smile:

hi depechie,
you did not answer my questions…

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i only inserted in the bticino.cfg the ip-adress of the f454

the *.items and *.sitemap you can see in my first post

Sorry missed your questions somehow :confused:
Where can I find the karaf-log? Not seeing that on the samba drives of the rasbperry pi?

All other bTicino configs are working, so I can trigger my lights.

hm, if your lights are working it is another problem that you have. when
monitoring stops i still can switch lights on/off, but if i switch light
from another device, the openhab-app will no longer update the state of
the switch-symbol.

the logfile you can open directly in your browser by typing:


or you log into your raspi e.g. with putty and type:
ssh openhab@localhost -p 8101
The default username/password is openhab:habopen, so enter habopen at
the password prompt.

perhaps you want to set the log-level higher for bticino:
log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.bticino

then type

tail -f /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log
tail -f /var/log/openhab2/events.log
Per default all log entries are saved in the file openhab.log and event
specific entries are saved in events.log.

sorry but i´m a noob, not good in linux and living in “try and error”,
hope this can help

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I made some adjustments at the binding for me to get the temperature control working.
Not fully but actually I can read all parameters including act. Temperature, Heating Modes, set-point, status of the actors, but sadly I actually stuck at the point to i.e. change the set points.

I can provide you my jar for testing if you are interested.

hello rinal13,
oh that sounds good :slight_smile:

uups :slight_smile:
what i want to say: meanwhile i tried a lot of things, nothing that helped me to find the bug: the bticino-binding stops monitoring after some hours.
tried to install openhab on a raspberry, on a windows machine. tried to cut some components from my bticino-bus, always the same.
i would be very happy if i could get it work and i´m very interested to test your modified binding.
thanks in advance and best regards, stefan

I had the same behaviour, but for me it seems to be not the issue of the bticino binding.
I.e. after I disabled the influxdb binding, I had no issue anymore, may some basic issue with openhab itself.

The bticino binding actually is tested with the actual 2.2 snapshot
you can download it here

Following some examples for the items.
// Heizung akt. Temp
Number ATemp_Eingang “akt. Temp. Eingang [%.1f °C]” (Entrance, Basement, Heating) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=0;where=1”}
// Heizung Soll Temp Ist
Number CTemp_Eingang “Soll Temp. Ist Eingang [%.1f °C]” (Entrance, Basement, Heating) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=12;where=1”}
// Heizung Soll Offset
Number OffsetTemp_Eingang “Offset Temp. Eingang [%.0f °C]” (Entrance, Basement, Heating) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=13;where=1”}
// Heizung Soll Temp
Number SetTemp_Eingang “Soll Temp. Eingang [%.1f °C]” (Entrance, Basement, Heating) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=14;where=1”}
// Heizung Status
Number HStatus_Eingang “Eingang Regelung [MAP(]” (Entrance, Basement, Heating) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=100;where=1”}
// Heizung Modus
Number HMode_Eingang “Eingang Modus [MAP(]” <heating_cooling> (Entrance, Basement, Heating) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=101;where=1”}
// Heizung Ventil
Contact HPumpe “Pumpe [MAP(]” (Basement, HeatingActor) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=20;where=0”}
Contact HValve_Eingang “Eingang [MAP(]” <undefloor_heating> (Basement, HeatingActor) {bticino=“if=default;who=4;what=20;where=1”}

Happy Testing

Hi Rinal13,
Great Job.
I have tested some of your examples and it works fine.
Did you merge your adjustments of the bticino Binding with the 1.12-Snapshot available here:
I am also interested to test further on this binding.
I have tried to change the weekly program with your binding but it doesn’t work.
my idea is to remotely activate the weekly heating program.
For the moment, i control my heating program with the status of my burglar alarm.
Alarm Disarmed= Heating Program
Alarm Armed = Not Heating Program
I am interested if you need help for testing.
Cheers and all the best,

Hi Christophe,

to be honest can find the source code of a 1.12-Snapshot, but for my excuse I am a really newbie on using git and eclipse to check what had to be changed. May you can give me a hint.

Anyway I made some corrections on my binding, that also the changing of the heating program is working now.

The updated binding you can find on the previous dropbox link.

For better understanding the OWN Codes are as following:

102 = Freeze Protection
103 = Off
110 = Manuell
111 = Automatik

1101 = Programm 1 Winter
1102 = Programm 2 Winter
110x = Programm x Winter

1201 = Scenario 1 Winter
1202 = Scenario 2 Winter
120x = Scenario x Winter

there is also actual a Summer Program at the Biticino Main Control Unit (never used),
but to be complete the codes for this are:

2101 = Programm 1 Summer
2102 = Programm 2 Summer
210x = Programm x Summer

2201 = Scenario 1 Summer
2202 = Scenario 2 Summer
220x = Scenario x Summer

The change from Winter to Summer is not working over the binding, it has to be done at the controller.
Only the codes for the active Winter or Summer Program are working over the binding.

Would be great if you can give a feedback how it works.

Regards Reinhard

Hi Reinhard,
Thank you very much for this Binding.
First, because i’am using MH200 from 2009, some Openwebnet commands doen’t works.
So i connect one 3,5" Color Touch Screen as Gateway. And i have configured a second gateway in Bticino.cfg in Services.
Now I can send the commands of Set Temp and Program Present 1101 or Away 1102 and it works.
The Touch Screen 4684 from Bticino is not an official Gateway. They have no Monitor Session implemented and i receive errors:
18:36:22.184 [WARN ] [isciani.connector.MyHomeJavaConnector] - Monitor connection problem. Attempting retry 8.
18:36:22.214 [WARN ] [isciani.connector.MyHomeJavaConnector] - Monitor connection problem. Attempting retry 8.
18:36:51.605 [DEBUG] [inding.bticino.internal.BticinoDevice] - Gateway [N4684], Bticino WHO [4], WHAT [20], WHERE [4]
18:36:51.605 [DEBUG] [inding.bticino.internal.BticinoDevice] - Gateway [N4684], Bticino WHO [4], WHAT [20], WHERE [4]
18:36:51.656 [DEBUG] [inding.bticino.internal.BticinoDevice] - Gateway [N4684], No Item found for bticino event, WHO [4], WHAT [20], WHERE [4]
18:36:51.691 [DEBUG] [inding.bticino.internal.BticinoDevice] - Gateway [N4684], RECEIVED EVENT FOR NumberItem [Temperature_GVer_Bureau], TRANSLATE TO OPENHAB BUS EVENT
18:37:37.779 [WARN ] [isciani.connector.MyHomeJavaConnector] - Monitor connection problem. Attempting retry 1.
18:37:37.804 [WARN ] [isciani.connector.MyHomeJavaConnector] - Monitor connection problem. Attempting retry 1.
This error only appear if i configure the N4684 in Services: Bticino.cfg

Secondly, it would be nice if your code adaptations would be integrated in the following:
i suppose that this binding on a regular basis is updated with maybe some new functionalities by other developpers.
So, if your adaptations are included in the next versions, it will be an improvement for everyone
But like you, iam not a programmer and i dont know hom you have to do this further.
Have a nice day,

Hi Christophe,

Thanks for the feedback, but don’t be worry about this warning.
It’s a specific of the OWN Protocol which indicates that the connection has a timeout and will be re-initzalised.

This happens every time when no command or event happens on the bus in more then 120s.
This is not a specific behaviour of the N4684.

The enhancements should be integrated soon in the master branch which is 1.11.0.
1.12.0 is actually the unstable branch of openHAB 2.3.0 and is identical to 1.11.0 by now beside the version number.

Regards Reinhard