Bticino binding tutorial

Hi there,
newbie on OpenHab 2 here…
I really can’t understand how to connect with my Bticino MH200 “gateway” to control roller shutters…
I just made a fresh install on RPi, and downloaded the Bticino binding from the paper UI.
Now I see I have to configure the bticino.cfg file to “connect” to my gateway. Tried that (entered the IP in the cfg file and configured the trusted IPs in the MH200 so it doesn’t ask for password), but still I can’t see any device to configure in the inbox of the paper UI.
Am I missing something? Is there any tutorial for this kind of bindings? …I already read almost everything in the wiki, but I’m not a programmer, so I find it a little bit difficult to manage.
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

This is a 1.x version binding. You will see nothing in PaperUI beyond installation for this binding. It doesn’t support Things and you must create and configure Items in .items files according to the instructions and examples in the README.

Ok, first of all, thanks for the quick reply:slight_smile:

Now…I also tried the .items thing, but still cannot make it appear…
Is there a sort of tutorial?
Also I cannot understand the syntax in the example about the roller shutter…any help will be most appreciated:)

You will never see anything related to Bticino in PaperUI. Period.

If you want to see something you will need to create a sitemap or a HABPanel.

When you configure the binding in the cfg file, you create one or more sets of configs for each Bticino server you have. The example in the README calls this “webserver”. You refer to this in the Item binding config.

For the binding config the README says:


And the example is

Rollershutter RollUpShutter_1 "Roller-up shutter 1" (Living, RollerUpShutters) {bticino="if=webserver;who=2;what=0;where=46"}

The if field needs to match the name of the configs in bticino.cfg.

The who filed needs to be one of the values from the table in the README, with the knowledge that the binding only supports 1, 2, 15, and parts of 4.

I know nothing of this binding so I have no idea what what and where are supposed to be but there is a link to some official documents on the README and I presume it is explained there.