Bticino binding with Gateway K4500

Hello to everyone. i’m new in this forum but i’m practicing in openhab from few months.
I’m interested to buy the new connected components from Biticino/Legrand.
I’m interested to use the gateway:
associated to the following controllers for roller shutters
Are these components supported by the “Bticino biding”?
Anyone tried this configuration?
Thanks a lot

No, since these two Living Now components are quite new, and use a completely different integration protocol, they are not currently supported by the BTicino Add On or binding (both v1 and v2 under development).

What would you be your interest or use-case in integrating this Gateway with openHAB 2 ?


Hi Massimo, thanks for answering.

Everything starts from the needs to make automatic the roller shutter with a stable solution. I’ve did some trials with sonoff but I don’t think is enough reliable.
So I’ve found this solution that seems nice and with a nice integration with the existing plant.

I think the app from Biticino is too limited, for example open just partially the roller shutter or make some scenarios to be repeated every day with some roles. For thos reason i was thinking to connect to raspberry pi with openHAB.

Use the gateway is not a priority.
Can I use the Zigbre dongle from Bticino instead to connect all the devices to the gateway?

Thanks a lot

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The ZigBee dongle ( is a gateway between the older version of BTicino radio system and the OpenWebNet protocol.
The new radio system (Living Now) apparently uses ZigBee 3 Pro, which is not compatible with the zigbee radio of the usb dongle.
So for the moment is not possible to make this connection: openHAB > ZigBee USB dongle 3578 > Living Now modules.

Hi good day massi,

there are some news about this implementation?

do you think that in the future can been an implemented living now in Openhab?

Many thanks and kind regards.


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Hi guys,
It would be great if in future it will be possible to link openhab with Bticino living now system.
I’m on the way to realize a new house and I need to decide if use the new living now components or standard wired components interfaced with fibaro modules.
What’s your thought so far?

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I would be interested too in using Bticino or Gewiss Zigbee Hardware with Openhab.
There is also a new gateway (Zigbee+KNX) from Gewiss : ,



Well Sandro , how did you manage the bridge from Living Now to Openhab ?
The only way I could manage is via Alexa control bridge , it is very reliable but also very slow.

I have several other devices that are integrated via mqtt and they are much faster.

Hi Matteo,
my Gateway use offical Legrad API. Are Cloud based.
The Gateway simpy transform the cloud API into MQTT and thus you can use in all software using MQTT (as HA and Nodered) other than Openab2.

Hi Sandro, I guess your answer is too much technical for me (I am a beginner in OH).
What do you mean with “my Gateway” ? Are you using something different from K4500 ?
I am really getting crazy becasue the use of Alexa binding is creating alot of duplicate items from legrand and openhab.
In my system I have Legrand via K4500 --> alexa skill --> openhab skill --> openhab server
Also I have a mqtt server for other devices (Tasmota).
How can I link my B-Ticino Living Now items to openHab without using alexa ?

I implemented a works with Legrand to OH2 gateway using mqtt
You can use our distro or I can install on your rpi our solution
Sdomotica isn’t free