Bticino binding with unofficial GW (password)

Hi all, this is my first post here.
I tried to change the bticino binding to use it with my touch screen that needs a password for working as gateway.

Now I need help to debug and run it in my environment because seems that the bticino binding is not enabled…

I’ve created a a demo_item, a demo_sitemap, a demo_rule and changed the openhabdefault.cfg with my host/port parameters and adding a new password parameter.

Could someone help me understand how to deug the binding in eclipse?

I can only go by what you are describing so forgive me if I’m repeating things you already know.

My assumption is you are using OH 1.8 since you are talking about openhabdefault.cfg.

  1. You need to put the bticino binding jar file into /usr/share/openhab/addons folder (or if not apt-get installed where ever you unzipped the manual install to). When openHAB first starts up you should see log statements from bticino saying it is starting up.

  2. You need to copy openhabdefault.cfg to openhab.cfg and edit that file. The default file is there only for reference. You must restart openHAB after any change to this file for the changes to be picked up.

  3. demo_item needs to be defined in a .items file in /etc/openhab/configurations/items, demo_sitemap in sitemaps, and demo_rule in rules.

  4. Watch the logs for errors, particularly during startup.

Thanks for your reply,
I’m newbie, so sorry if my questions appear to be stupid…
I’ve followed the instructions in:
for installing eclipse and git so I think I’ve installed OpenHab2.
Bticino binding is developped only for OpenHab1 so I’m started from that plugin to modify it for my needs.

I don’t find openhab.cfg while openhabdefault.cfg is present in the folder
so I’ve modified this file but perhaps is an error…

Item, rule, sitemap that I’ve creted are in:
is correct??


I don’t know how to set it up to run in Eclipse so I don’t know.

But I do know you need openhab.cfg.