Bticino Dimmer Light

Hello !

I have somme dimmer in my house, and with actual Bticino binding we can’t manadge them, only on and off…

For do that, some change needed in the code :

And add some change like this :

case 1: {
if (OnOffType.ON.equals(command)) {
l_pr.addProperty(“what”, “1”);
} elseif (DimmerType) {
whatvalue = searching percentage and divide by 10, round 1 (ie 0 to 10 is the result)
l_pr.addProperty(“what”, “whatvalue”);
} else {
l_pr.addProperty(“what”, “0”);

I’m sorry, i’m not so strong to code in java…

Thanks a lot,

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You probably need to create an issue on github

thanks, i have do it :slight_smile: