Bticino - OpenWebNet Binding and Alexa or GoogleHome : inverted behavior and stop button

  • Platform information: Synology NAS
    • openHAB version: 2.4

I’ve configured things and items in files like this:

Bridge openwebnet:bus_gateway:MH201_b07494f3 "BUS Gateway MH201" @ "Soggiorno" [ host="", port=20000, passwd="12345"] {
	bus_automation    TapparellaStanzaGiochi_NEW  "TapparellaStanzaGiochi_NEW"  [ where="13", shutterRun="17000"]

Dimmer iTapparellaStanzaGiochi_444 "iTapparellaStanzaGiochi_444 [%.0f %%]" <rollershutter>  (Gruppo_Tapparelle,Gruppo_Camera_Bambine) {channel="openwebnet:bus_automation:99eef840:shutter", alexa="PercentageController.percentage" [category="SWITCH"]}

The percetage works but I would like to invert the values as : 100% blind totaly UP (window opened) 0% blind DOWN (windows closed)
Also the switch icon are inverded : SWITCH is ON when the rollershutter is DOWN

The SWITCH button command doesn’t work because it send ON and OFF command and not UP and DOWN : I could use it as STOP with a rule but I prefer using only things and items.

Is it possible?

note: Alexa dimmer goes only at 1% and not at 0% : if I want to go at 0% I have to switch OFF.

I need some time to check with Alexa the rollershutter items and the new v3 tags.

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For the Alexa side, you can refer to this comment and use routines to accomplish what you need. Until Amazon provides a specific controller for binds, there is much that can be done in the skill. If you really want to invert the dimmer state, you can always use a virtual item and a rule to represent the state you want which you would be controlled via Alexa commands.

thanks but is not a real solution.
For now I use position with a dimmer switch and the command ON and OFF is translated to 0 or 100 with a generic rule for the blinds gruop

Agreed. I just provided some temporary solution until the Alexa side provides a controller for blinds. Anyway, as you noticed, there is no direct solution at this time.