[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

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what do you mean by “shutter run”?

Shutter run as explain in the readme file. To be able to know the position of the blind

ok, so yes you can do that.
It’s exactly the process described in the readme: you can manually set the time needed for the roller shutter to open and close or make the system do the calculation by putting “auto”.
I strongly suggest to put it manually

Hi, there are a way for send a openwebnet command to the bus?
For example, if i send this command to the bus:
i poweron the audio amplifie rin the pc. Can i do it? In what way?

i, i have created a new scenario, that poweron amplifier of audio diffusion. I have configurated this scenario for start whit:

And another scenario cen plus that start with

Cen+:10 button1

How i can create a item for simulate the pression of this button? I don’t understand, can you help me?

Topic Controls

I update my sistuation. I need to add a button in my sitemap for activate the cen+ scenario:

I don’t have write line in mi thing file, it is void, i have addedd an item from PAPER UY, then i have do:
INBOX -> + -> OpenWebNet binding -> ADD MANUALLY -> CEN+ Scenario Control
Then i have configurated it in this way:
Configured buttons: 9
Where: 21

In this way, i see it in PAPER UI -> CONTROL
If i click on it, scenario start. Now i need to add item in my item file, and then in sitemap for control it from my sitemap.

Then i go to “edit CEN+ Scenario Control”, and i see this row:

Then i add in item file:
String cenplus "Accendi luci cenplus" <network> {cannel="openwebnet:bus_cenplus_scenario_control:d9a44ed1:button_9"}
and in sitemap:
Switch item=cenplus label="cen plus []" mappings=[pressed="PRESSED"]

Why it not work? If it work from paper UI, i need to add a line in things file? If yes, what i have to add, if i don’t have a row for configuration of openwebnet binding? (I have configurated it from paper ui…)

Hy guys, I’m sorry for my english. I’ve installed OpenWebNet binding.
I have a problem with my inbox: i don’t find OpenWebNet binding. Why i don’t find it?
Thanks for answers

Hi @djmirco and welcome to the openHAB community!
Did you read carefully the README_beta instructions for installing the binding?
In particular the dependencies to be activated are:

  • feature:install openhab-transport-serial
  • and then
    • for openHAB 2.4.x:
      • feature:install esh-io-transport-upnp
    • or for openHAB 2.5.x and later:
      • feature:install openhab-core-io-transport-upnp

Hi massi. Thank you very much. I did it. Grazie 1000

@enrico.mcc thank you. I didn’t try shutterrun yet.
First of all I had to configure all things, items, sitemap properly.
Next step is shutter and try out some scenarios

Hi, By chance in the latest openwebnet version there are roller problems?
Has the structure of the code been changed?
My installation includes openhabian 1.5 on rasp pi3 B and stable verisone openhab 2.4

To make it work on Google Assistant I had to configure the roller with simple mode.


I just tried to create a rule, to close several rollershutter with a switch. But it’s not working, is there something wrong in my file ?
I’m not showing all the code because I was able to configure all switches for light an rollershutter. I really have a problem with rule by now

items file

Switch fermeture_volet_switch "Fermeture générale"

Rollershutter   salon_baie_shutter      "Salon Baie [%.0f %%]"  <rollershutter> (Volet, Salon)  [ "Blinds" ]    { channel="openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:salon_baie_shutter:shutter"}
Rollershutter   salle_manger_shutter    "Salle à Manger [%.0f %%]"      <rollershutter> (Volet, SalleManger)    [ "Blinds" ]    { channel="openwebnet:bus_automation:mybridge:salle_manger_shutter:shutter"}

rules file

rule "fermeture volet"
item fermeture_volet_switch received command
if (receivedCommand == ON) {

sitemap file

sitemap openwebnet label="HOME"
        Frame label="Général"
        Default item=fermeture_volet_switch

Thank you

here is me rules

rule "Fermer les volets au couche du soleil Tout les jours"
                   Channel "astro:sun:Crepusculaire:set#event" triggered START  ///couche du soleil declenche

                   //descente des volets 
                   ShutterCuisine .sendCommand(100) 

If you use Mh201 as a gateway you can create scenarios via its web page and activate them by changing the status of an actuator

You have any error in frontail web page when you activate the switch ? Http://localhost:9001?

I have a problem setting my thermostat temperature.
Through Alexa I can change the “SetPoint Temperature” but the “Target Temperature” remains unchanged.
What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Luca95 and welcome to the OpenHAB community!
Unfortunately your question is too generic and does not provide the required info, so is difficult to give help.
I suggest you read first this post, in particular parts 9, 10 and 12.
Bye Massi

Hi Massimo, I’ve been using your relaise “OpenWebNet binding for openHAB 2” on my raspberry pi3 for over a year.
I thank you for having developed all this. In my small way I tried to solicit Amazon to release openhab into its skills (https://it.amazonforum.com/forums/dispositivi/echo-alexa/494028-openhab-alexa-skill-italia)

Everything works properly with regards to lights / shutters and scenarios but I have a problem with temperature management.
I followed this forum until its creation. But I didn’t understand if anyone could manage the temperature. I have a bticino F454 server commanded with openhab from my raspberry p3.

I am checking if its now possible with the Alexa v3 tags to use more natural commands for blinds, like open, lower, raise, close etc.

Range controller
openHAB info: https://www.openhab.org/docs/ecosystem/alexa/#rangecontroller-rangevalue
Alexa info: https://developer.amazon.com/docs/device-apis/alexa-rangecontroller.html
Use of semantics

So far I have the range controller working with % commands but not open, close etc. Has anyone got this to work or are we still having to use the Alexa Routines work around?

my item is like this:

Rollershutter    Office_RollerShutter  "Office blind [%d %%]" <blinds> (gAllBlinds) {alexa="RangeController.rangeValue" , channel="openwebnet:bus_automation:Screen10:55:shutter" }