[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

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(Andi) #416

Would it be possible to add Sound System / Audio (WHO = 16)? I made some changes in a project called grasshopper to add this functionality. Unfortunatly I am not a JAVA developer. Maybe I could bring in some Infos about communication if necassary.

(Michele) #417

already inserted in isseu, for now there is no planning

(Anees ) #418

Hi, I am new to the forum and starting to use OpenWebNet. With some difficulties I am starting to setup and configure my system but , and sorry for the question, is there a document with the command syntax for OpenWebNet? I am going back an forth with sample and trying many things before getting things to work. I am blocked on calling a CEN command but a list of all commands would be very welcome. Thanks in advance

(Massimo) #419

To see what is supported by the OWN binding for OH2, and configuration examples, see the README

(Anees ) #420

Thanks Massimo, this is the document I have been using so far and read extensively but I am looking for a list of all possible commands (things, items, sitemap, etc) for CEN, switch etc as I am not so expert and without some good examples I struggle to progress. Hope it makes sense and that you can point me in the right direction of share some more samples. Grazie mille

(Michele) #421

do you want to configure using paperUI or via things, items, etc.?
Look at this post there are basic examples

Open a new topic and explain what you did and what you would do, so we can help you.

(Anees ) #422

Thanks a lot. this is very helpful. I am using only files config and the CEN example seems to be quite clear. Will test soon. A presto

(Massimo) #423

new bug-fixing release of the OpenWebNet biding: beta9-2.

  • [FIX #37] CEN commands WHAT (buttons) 0-9 are now 00-09
  • [FIX] CEN/CEN+ scenarioButton channel is now able to receive commands
  • [FIX #45] Thermoregulation setpoint command refused
  • [FIX #42 & #43] Devices with same WHERE receive wrong messages from BUS
  • [FIX] improved device registration to BridgeHandler

Installation and Upgrade

To install/upgrade to the new version, CAREFULLY follow the instructions in the README.

JAR File: https://github.com/mvalla/openhab2-addons/releases/download/own-beta9-2/org.openhab.binding.openwebnet-2.4.0-b9-2.jar


(Michele) #424

Massi, Thank you

(stefan) #425

great massimo!
i checked cen-commands 0-9 and thermo setpoint both working now!
nice :slight_smile:

(stefan) #426

i see that when i create a new item for “setMode” that stays “NULL” as long as i dont set a value for very first time (the same i think is for “localMode”, “heating” and “cooling”). can you ask the state when creating new variable or perhaps when starting openhab? or is there a possibillity for asking the actual state in a rule, (when system started)
thanks, stefan

(Michele) #427

I think it is also related to this issue for the update of light, automations and in the future also AUX commands

  • Take a test giving the command manual *#4*where##
    I saw your example, you use the where = 17 *#4*17##
    WHO = 4 pag.19
    See if it updates the data in OH from null to value

I too have a similar problem to read the temperature of the probe because I do not use the temperature control unit.
I had proposed this implementation, look here

Another thing, can you also help Massimo on this question?

(Andrea Ceroni) #428

Hi and thanks in advance.
Installed the binding tu use it with my myhomeserver1 but I have the error “ERROR_CONNECTION” and log says that the password is refused. But which password I need to use? the same one fo the myHomeUp mobile app? If yes is exactly what I do but it doesn’t work.

20:59:52.469 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeConnection  ] - MON RECEIVED   <<<<<<====== *#*0##
20:59:52.477 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeConnection  ] - ##gw-openwebnet-conn## ... STEP-4: HMAC HANDSHAKE FAILED, passwd not accepted response: *#*0##
20:59:52.487 [DEBUG] [rg.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeSocketFactory] - ##gw-openwebnet-socket## ... CLOSED
20:59:52.497 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus        ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...re-connect FAILED. Exception: Password not accecpted by gateway, check password configration (HMAC)
20:59:52.505 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus        ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## Sleeping 10000ms before re-connecting...
20:59:54.392 [WARN ] [org.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeConnection  ] - ##gw-openwebnet-conn## ... handshake not completed but timeout expired, closing socket...
21:00:02.510 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayBus        ] - ##gw-openwebnet-BUS## ...slept 10000ms, now trying to re-connect...
21:00:02.521 [DEBUG] [rg.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeSocketFactory] - ##gw-openwebnet-socket## Trying openMonitorSession socket....  (myserverip:20000)
21:00:02.555 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeConnection  ] - ##gw-openwebnet-conn## ... starting HANDSHAKE ...
21:00:02.564 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeConnection  ] - ##gw-openwebnet-conn## myReadUntilDelimiter() returned -1
21:00:02.574 [DEBUG] [rg.openwebnet.bus.MyHomeSocketFactory] - ##gw-openwebnet-socket## ... CLOSED

(Michele) #430

You must enter the password in the paperUi under Configuration and Things.
Select BUS Gateway and check IP, Port and Password, it must work.
Connected to the Web server is the password check
Hopefully attach the image
OH version?
Openwebnet bindings version?

(Andrea Ceroni) #431

the ip is (verified because I can open the server web interface and the mobile app works great)
the password is the one that I use for the mobile app
the port is the default one…how I can understand the port?
what do you mean with “Connected to the Web server is the password check”
OH 2.3.0 Release Build
the last version of the binding installed from marketplace
### OpenWebNet 2.x Binding (TESTING)
market:binding-4138499 - 1.0

(Michele) #432

Normally the port 20000, but checks in the configuration in the Web server.
Strange the password problem, this problem never happened.
I advise you to upgrade OH to the stable version 2.4.0

(Andrea Ceroni) #433

How I can check?

On server site I can only download/upload a backup or download the actual devices configuration

Tomorrow I try to upgrade OH…but I don’t think this is the problem, if you look at the log the server refuse the connection because of the password. What this password must be??

(Michele) #434

Pag 10

Updating OH does not solve your problem, but sooner or later you will have to do it

Perform this test

I was expecting a different ip 192.168.xx.xx

(Luciano) #435

The IP looks like you are accessing from outside your local network. The default port is 20000. The error message tells you are using a wrong pwd. Did you set the password with the mobile app myHome_up?

(Anees ) #436

Ciao Michele,
I am trying to activate a CEN scenario that I have created in MH202 with A=0 PL=1 Cmd=Pulsante 11. I want to use .items, .sitemap, .things config. I have done various attempts following your examples but I am not able to activate the scenario from the pressure of the button on the app. Any helps is welcome.

Thanks AQ