[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

Hi @Jerome50 : it’s a bug on the zigbee dongle part. It will be corrected in the next release. I suggest you go back to the previous binding version (b9-2) in the meantime. See bug #66.


Recently I setup my thermostats with things <and items. I notcied on restart of openhab that the mode and target are either NaN or - until I physically chnage them in the room. Is this the normal behaviour?


hi mark,
i cannot reproduce this. i have set up thermostats in *.things and *.items file for a long time now, but no problem on restart.
could it be you are waiting not long enough until the states are updated? for thermo this takes a little sometimes.
or did you already try to use new varialbenames. sometimes ago i had suspicious problems (items that did not work properly, items that dissapeared) and they where gone when i changed the name of the thigns and items to new and ununsed names.
best, stefan

BTicino Living Now is based on Zigbee 3.0 and AFAIK is a closed version, so no local integration with the Living Now gateway is possibile.
A possibile integration could be using “works with Legrand” cloud APIs, but it must be investigated the API license part and in any case it would be a totally different binding structure/approach.
See this thread: Binding for Legrand Celiane with Netatmo

I’m sorry but I have another issue with the 9-2 version,

019-03-19 16:28:22.137 [DEBUG] [ery.OpenWebNetBridgeDiscoveryService] - ==OWN:BridgeDiscovery== getSupportedThingTypes()

2019-03-19 16:28:22.143 [INFO ] [ery.OpenWebNetBridgeDiscoveryService] - ==OWN:BridgeDiscovery== ------ startScan() - SEARCHING for bridges...

2019-03-19 16:28:22.145 [DEBUG] [ery.OpenWebNetBridgeDiscoveryService] - ==OWN:BridgeDiscovery:Dongle== ... trying to connect dongle ...

2019-03-19 16:28:22.149 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayZigBee    ] - ##gw-openwebnet## Finding serial ports...

2019-03-19 16:28:22.163 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayZigBee    ] - ##gw-openwebnet## ... found serial port /dev/ttyUSB0

2019-03-19 16:28:22.166 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayZigBee    ] - ##gw-openwebnet## ... found serial port /dev/ttyAMA0

2019-03-19 16:28:22.168 [ERROR] [org.openwebnet.AbstractOpenGateway  ] - ERROR IN Java $MODULE$: connection cannot be established

2019-03-19 16:28:22.171 [ERROR] [org.openwebnet.AbstractOpenGateway  ] - ERROR IN Java $MODULE$: connection cannot be established

2019-03-19 16:28:22.173 [DEBUG] [org.openwebnet.OpenGatewayZigBee    ] - ##gw-openwebnet## --NO USB ZigBee dongle FOUND--

2019-03-19 16:28:22.177 [DEBUG] [ery.OpenWebNetBridgeDiscoveryService] - ==OWN:BridgeDiscovery== getSupportedThingTypes()

2019-03-19 16:28:22.177 [INFO ] [ery.OpenWebNetBridgeDiscoveryService] - ==OWN:BridgeDiscovery== no serial ports found

Openwebnet binding does not find the gateway

This is my java version
java version “1.8.0_201”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_201-b09)
Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 25.201-b09, mixed mode)

I have checked the dialout acces. The problem is still here “no serial port found”

It was working well on my Raspberry since yesterday I don’t understand the problem.
did I miss something in the reinstallation ?

thank for your help

Hello everyone,

I have a similar problem like Jerome has. It also occured yesterday and everything worked well before. I am also running openhab 2.3.0-1 on a Raspberry 3. The current OpenWebNet Binding is (beta9-1).

The error Code Looks like this:

2019-03-19 17:44:13.407 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - StreifenEsstisch_Farbe changed from NULL to 1,99,0
2019-03-19 17:44:13.414 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - StreifenKHlschrank_Farbe changed from NULL to 160,100,0
==> /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log <==
2019-03-19 17:44:16.602 [INFO ] [bnet.handler.OpenWebNetBridgeHandler] - ==OWN== BridgeHandler status still UNKNOWN. Setting device=openwebnet:bus_gateway:d0cf84fb to OFFLINE
==> /var/log/openhab2/events.log <==
2019-03-19 17:44:16.619 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'openwebnet:bus_gateway:d0cf84fb' changed from UNKNOWN to OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR)
2019-03-19 17:44:45.816 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'hue:0200:00178811dcd0:1' changed from ONLINE to OFFLINE: Die Hue Bridge meldet, dass die Lampe nicht erreichbar ist.
2019-03-19 17:45:07.432 [hingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - 'hue:0200:00178811dcd0:1' changed from OFFLINE: Die Hue Bridge meldet, dass die Lampe nicht erreichbar ist. to ONLINE
2019-03-19 17:57:47.267 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'Licht_Arbeitszimmer' received command OFF
2019-03-19 17:57:47.288 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Licht_Arbeitszimmer changed from NULL to OFF```

I hope someone can help.
Lg Stephan

I confirm I start by the same problem I’m trying to fix it but without success

Hallo folks.
Versions 2.4.0-beta9-1 & 2.4.0-beta9-2 are expired now (since we are still in development phase, beta versions expire after some months).
Everybody should update the binding to version 2.5.0.M2-1, which I just released.
This version is compatible with openHAB 2.4 and 2.5.x (should work fine also on 2.3.x).

Follow README instructions for upgrade.

Changes in 2.5.0.M2-1

This is a patch release from 2.5.0.M2:

  • [FIX #66] USB dongle (gateway) cannot connect anymore
  • [FIX #65] Rollershutter % Position does not work in 2.5.0.M2
  • removed Switchable tag to shutter channel

JAR File: https://github.com/mvalla/openhab2-addons/releases/download/own-2.5.0.M2-1/org.openhab.binding.openwebnet-2.5.0.M2-1.jar


install latest 2.5.0.M2-1 and you should be fine also with the USB dongle.

Hi @rubenfuser. 2.4.0 is not a valid version anymore. Go ahead install 2.5.0.M2-1, then check your rolleshutters have shutterRun parameter correctly set to your shutter times. Then open them 100% then 0% to be sure binding gets known positions (check % state in PaperUI) and then you should be fine.

Hi @massi ,
versione 2.5.0.M2-1
a test on the position% OK

One simple question - because i did not find a answer anywhere. What is needed for the shutter position to work? does it need any special bticino stuff?

It doesn’t need anything, set the shutterRun parameter


thx - but i somehow dont get it. " For Percent commands and position feedback to work correctly, the shutterRun Thing config parameter must be configured equal to the time (in ms) to go from full UP to full DOWN. It’s possible to enter a value manually or set shutterRun=AUTO (default) to calibrate shutterRun parameter automatically the first time a Percent command is sent to the shutter: a UP >> DOWN >> Position% cycle will be performed automatically."

It says shutterRun is Auto by default? should i see anything shutterrun related in the paper UI ?

Give a test by setting the parameter manual in ms. Time between UP and DOWN
Es. 25 second = 25000 ms

Fully UP shutter, press physical switch (press once), let go until complete DOWN and wait until there is an automatic STOP from the actuator.

After you move the shutter from PaperUI you will see that it changes%, see image

Thank you for your help. I guess i miss one last puzzle - can you give me a hint where to set this paramaeter manually? i somehow cannot find it in paper UI?

If you use the OH configuration, do as in the image …
If you have a file configuration, see how to edit your .things file

After changing the value, press blue button … Above left

ahh damn - i totally missed that edit button for the Thing. Thank you very much for your help!!

Hi Massi,

It’s working again thank you very much, but when I’m connecting switch they are still in communication (not online ) error. Every switch works but I have no position feedback.
What can I do to have the feedback again ?

Have a good day !

are they switches or rollersutters?

Either way: try restart openHAB, then after PaperUI is available again if there are Things that are not online, try activating the physical objects, they should come online. Check also that the bridge is set correctly in things’ properties.