BTicino - Sdomotica implementation using MQTT

We made a Raspian custom image with OpenHab2 and own builder for have BTicino system in OpenHab2 using our MQTT gateay


We implemented:

  1. Lights (dimmer too)
  2. Windows / Windows Advanced with percentage
  3. Alarm
  4. Energy Management (F520, F521, F522)
  5. Sound diffusion
  6. Termo 99 Zones / External Probe / Not controlled Zone
  7. Free openwebet command (CEN/CEN+ combined and mutiple frame)
  8. Doorentry command
  9. Contact (3477 / F428)

Hi Sandro,
interesting work.
Few questions:

  • is Sdomotica an open source project ?
  • which type of integration Sdomotica uses to talk to BTicino gateways?
  • which bticino gateways are supported?
  • what is the advantage of using Sdomotica compared to using directly openHAB2 or Home Assistant, given the fact that both systems already support natively BTicino integration through dedicated bindings/adapters ?


Hi Massimo,
I noted your binding. Great Job!!!

Sdomotica is mixed project (mix of opensource project, already installed and configured by me) and a closed porgram writed by me which is a server REST and MQTT translation for Bticino. This last part isn’t free.

We support offical and unofficial gateway (with open range, basic password and HMAC passowrd)

THe advange is a semplified eco system where you can map on time your BTicino system and have with few clicks: Home Asssitant, OpenHab2, Homebridge, OpenSprinker, etc etc

Here all the manuals

Here OpenSprinkler for control irrigation with Bticino actuators


Ok so your server covers the communication with BTicino gw and device configuration and then you expose towards other systems (via REST and MQTT) the devices so users can benefit of their web interfaces , mobile apps, integration with Alexa and Google Home etc.

Would be possible to test for free the SDomotica solution with all functionalities active for a limited time?


Send me an email

Implemented Living Now and Smarther too