Buderus HRV31 Ventilation controller - properly WR3223 based

Reading the WR3223 discussions in this forum I decided to retry to connect my Buderus HRV31 Ventilation controller - which is also WR3223 based.
With all of the hints in the forum I was successful with OH2 to connect to the controller via serial interface and readout several values - as temperatures, ventilation level, …

However, I can’t control the WR3223 by writing values.
Using a terminal program I get an “Acknowledge” message from the controller - however no reaction.
No reaction also by trying it using openHAB.
Disconnecting the remote control does not change anything - or at least I didn’t find the command to switch it on: Setting “ventilation level” from 0 to 1,2,3 has no effect, changing the “operation mode” did also nit help - or I did not find the correct values to be set.
The remote control - also WL2 based - has in the Buderus variant only 4 connection wires - not 5.

Has anybody experience with the “Buderus/Junkers” variant from Hermes Electronic of WR3223 or an idea what I could try out?
Thanks in advance.