Budweiser goal red lights, wifi, Hue light macro, how to?

Hi, newbie here, with zero knowledge of how to code, lucky that I was able to get Java installed and am learning the paper ui where I have my Hue lights, Google speakers, and some network hardware working well.
I have some Budweiser Red light Goal lights that, when my Hockey team scores, receives a wi fi signal and then emits a goal siren and flashing red goal light, these are great and really make the hockey watching environment at home much better.
Is it possible to use that wifi signal to then make my Hue lights change to Red and then flash?
I Have an ITTT app that flashed the lights when I get mail at my mailbox, but don’t know how to use the wifi signal (ping??) to connect to Hue, I imagine this wont be done through the paper UI, but I’d love to learn a few things more too.
I have the local ip address of the goal light in the paper UI but only tells me online status, latency, and last seen time stamp.
Is this even possible??