Bug in 2.5 zwave binding with fibaro node that continues to not switch off randomly

Hi All

Hopefully its a bug, certainly a restart of the binding fixes my issue. There is one node, Node 4: which is a Fibaro Dimmer that on occasion, randomly and unable to be reproduced just refuses to turn off.

I have debug running constantly and looking at the logs its just FULL of Node 4 traffic. The only way to fix this was to restart the bundle.

I tried a heal, reinitalise, remove the channels and relink them. All to no avail.

Attached is the debug

I restarted the binding at approx 8.28pm



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Yeah, I see node 4 is reporting its status continuously (at least once a second, if not more) without being polled. That suggests to me that the device is in a weird state, and may also explain why it’s not responding to commands.

Can you identify the point in the log when the device starts to show this behavior? That may help explain why it’s acting that way.

Hi Mark

Id like to but Ive no idea. This is the thing, im gone for the day and I come home and its like that, it could be at any time im afraid.

Isnt it the same as my never endig story with my fibaro switch?

Dont think so Ben, you mention latency, mines right next to the controller in this instance and not latency related.Mine works for days, then suddenly has a fit. Only fix, restart of the binding.
Perhaps there can be some mechanism inside the software that if this occurs it restarts itself?