Bug: in OH3 RRD4J no longer respects MIN or MAX archiving algorithms

In OH 2.5.x the RRD4J persistence service would compress Item values using the AVERAGE archiving algorithm by default, but one could also define alternate archiving algorithms (say MIN / MAX) for selected Items by configuring specific entries in the rrd4j.cfg file; as described HERE

However in OH3 the RRD4J is now enabled by default, and it seems that such alternate archiving algorithm entries in rrd4j.cfg are now ignored.

Can anyone please advise how to re-enable alternate archiving algorithms (say MIN / MAX) of selected Items in OH3?

Following is my current rrd4j.cfg



Do you have an rrd4j.persist file? That might need to exist before it looks for custom config.

I do. See below…

Strategies {
    everyMinute:"0 * * * * ?"
Items {
    g_Charting_Group* : strategy = everyMinute
    g_Lighting_Presence_Simulator* : strategy = everyMinute
    g_Statistical_Temperature* : strategy = everyMinute
    g_Shed_Window_Position* : strategy = everyMinute
    g_Shed_Delta_Tees* : strategy = everyMinute

@rossko57 I think I had some permissions problems on the rrd4j.cfg file. It is fixed now.

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