Bug in REST-API with transform? Wrong priorisation?

I’m using the rest-api reading a sitemap and found a strange behavior:


String                  UG_Waschmaschine_Status                 "Waschmaschine Status [MAP(Washer.map):%s]" <washingmachine>

In Sitemap:

Default label="Wasch-maschine[MAP(OHEZ_Washer.map):%s]" item=UG_Waschmaschine_Status

Result in API:

              "widgetId": "0501",
              "type": "Text",
              "visibility": true,
              "label": "Wasch-maschine[Auswaschen]",
              "icon": "washingmachine",
              "mappings": [],
              "item": {
                "link": "",
                "state": "3",
                "transformedState": "3-Auswaschen",
                "stateDescription": {
                  "pattern": "MAP(Washer.map):%s",
                  "readOnly": false,
                  "options": []
                "type": "String",
                "name": "UG_Waschmaschine_Status",
                "label": "Waschmaschine Status",
                "category": "washingmachine",
                "tags": []

As seen, the transformedState don’t priorize the sitemap transforming, only showing the transformation defined in the item.

Shouldn’t a label with transformation in sitemap be higher priorized?

         "label": "Wasch-maschine[Auswaschen]", << COMING FROM SITEMAP [MAP(OHEZ_Washer.map):%s]
                "transformedState": "3-Auswaschen", <<  COMING FROM ITEM [MAP(Washer.map):%s]
                "stateDescription": {
                  "pattern": "MAP(Washer.map):%s", <<  COMING FROM ITEM [MAP(Washer.map):%s]

(OHZE_Washer transforming without Number before, correct in label, but not in transformed state)

Or do I think false?