Bug or Feature? - icalendar

Hi there,
I have already searched for an existing entry but found nothing.

I control the heating and the blinds in my office with the help of my calendar.
This means that if the icalender event filter finds an entry “Vacation”, the heating is set to 17 degrees and the blinds are set to 50%. That works pretty well so far.

However, one of my calendar entries “Vacation” has to be set to “daily, recurring, end date”.
If I set the entry to “vacation, from - to”, the event filter will only find the first day of the calendar entry. All other days are not found. The ITEM stays on UNDEF.
Is this a bug, a feature, or am I making a mistake?

UID: icalendar:calendar:a3bfe23eb9
label: Kalender ICS (Urlaub)
thingTypeUID: icalendar:calendar
  maxSize: 16
  url: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/a65454dad2e74@tralala.de/3dae43643645a29/calendar.ics
  refreshTime: 60
UID: icalendar:eventfilter:urlaub
label: Kalender-Filter (Urlaub)
thingTypeUID: icalendar:eventfilter
  maxEvents: 1
  textValueType: TEXT
  datetimeEnd: 365
  refreshTime: 60
  datetimeStart: 0
  textEventValue: Urlaub
  datetimeRound: true
  textEventField: SUMMARY
  datetimeUnit: DAY
bridgeUID: icalendar:calendar:a3bfe23eb9

best regards
Dominik :slight_smile:

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