[buienradar] Unhandled java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException (Buienradar API frequently takes longer than 3000ms to reply)

The buienradar binding expects the Buienradar API to return an HTTP request in 3000 milliseconds (see BuienradarPredictionAPI.java). However, the Buienradar API often takes longer than the timeout value before it is able to handle the request. In such cases, an unhandled java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException is thrown.

Details of the issue:

I expect that other bindings may want to have (or already have) a solution for this problem. Maybe it’s something to be addressed in OH Core, by providing optional parameters to HttpUtil.executeUrl() to retry the request in case it failed due to a time-out.

FWIW this may be related to the following issue due to the hidden redirect I found (and saw confirmed in a Dutch forum): Buienradar binding: store lat/lon with 2-digit precision

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