Build and install one binding

Is there an easy way to build a single binding and install it into a standard install setup ?

“mvn clean install” takes a long time to run, and I just want to quickly test the effect of local binding tweaks in the real environment - while leaving the other bindings unchanged.

ok, I found the answer.

For the record, you can build an individual binding as follows:

cd openhab2-addons/addons/binding/org.openhab.binding.
mvn clean install

That creates a .jar in the target subdirectoty
Simply copy this into the addons folder of the target installation and it should be loaded automatically.

I was looking for a .kab thinking only these could be installed through the addons folder, but .jar’s also install just fine.

Note though that the new binding may install alongside the old. You can remove the old binding via the console by running ‘bundle:list’ to find the bindings START ID (left column), and then run 'binding:uninstall .

Hi Jon,

works this solution also for bindings, which will be installed with the regular installation over packages repository? In my example I need a modification in the rfxcom binding.

I havent tried but it should work for release installs too. But you would need to make sure you pull and build the release version of openhabdev not ‘master’. I did the opposite - built and installed everything from master.

In this case you need to uninstall the original binding via PaperUI ( if it was installed that way) and put the changed binding.jar into the addons folder.