Build for an older version

I just finished developing a binding and I want to test it on my 2.2.0 installation. The mvn clean install requires that I build it for 2.3.0. I moved that build to my 2.2.0 addons folder but it’s not picked up. I suspect because of the version difference. Is there a way to build for 2.2.0?

What I ended up doing was this:

  • create a git branch on the origin of my development branch named feature-cherry
  • git merge --squash my_development_branch_here
  • create a commit of the merge
  • create a branch parallel to the 2.2.0 branch (my local version)
  • cherrypick the feature-cherry commit into the branch
  • change ther version numbers to 2.2.0 (remove SNAPSHOT!)
  • cd to my bindings root folder
  • mvn clean install
  • succes!
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