Building 1.81+?

With the repository changes, etc. for 2.0, I can’t figure out how to get a 1.8+ build going. Using the 1.8.1 tag on the openhab repository the maven build fails with openhab core tests… I know everyone seems focused on 2.0, but it’s still too unstable for me (tried a lot) and I want to make some tweaks to addons with 1.8-

Same problem here. I have set up my environment following the old wiki entry:

But I can’t select the target platform anymore. There is only one entry “Running Platform (Active)”.

I had a working environment previously, but either the latest java update or (more likely) the additional installation of the OH2 environment damaged the OH1.

Even with a clean git clone, a clean eclipse download and a new workspace, I can’t setup the project.

Please can anybody help?

No responses to either of us in the same boat… seems like 1.8 is abandoned. From the repository structure now I have not been able to find any way to build/debug against 1.8. This is unfortunate since 2.0 was simply not stable enough to really use and I’d like to continue with some development while 2.0 stabilizes…I really don’t understand why 1.x wasn’t left in place and 2 kept completely separate

How do I get sources, a successful build, and a debugging launch for 1.8/1.9 out of the current structure?? Or is this simply no longer an option?

The same issue exists with 1.9 and I asked for help at A new IDE and runtime for everyone! with no response.

The openhab/openhab repo has a 1.8 branch, that, if built, produces a full 1.8 distribution build. The old IDE setup could be used to run/debug it. Unless it’s changed, there is no plan to release a full openHAB 1.9 distribution. The master branch now only contains the 1.x addons, which are used when building 2.0. I assume that the repo wasn’t duplicated so as to avoid the nightmare of fixing addons in two different repos.

I don’t think there is a 1.9 full distribution planned. 1.9 refers to the addons only.

These are my observations, but the project owners might have more information.

There are many of the 1.X addons that may never be ported or not for a long time. Testing/Debugging 1.X plugins requires remote debugging which isn’t difficult but makes it considerably harder with the new IDE. I think all of us are asking is how can we locally debug 1.X plugins with the new IDE? @maintainer can one of you provide instructions on how to do this?

You can debug OH1 bindings under the OH2 runtime in the new IDE, which provides an OH1 compatibility mode. This works fine in the IDE and it’s how I debug OH1 bindings such as the OH1 Z-Wave binding. The bindings then work under both OH1 and OH2 runtimes.

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Can you provide instructions on how to do it? It’s not obvious? Maybe update the instructions at

It works just the same way as it always did in the old environment. You need to select the bundles to run in the debug configuration box (ie select your binding in the list) and start the debugger.

Where do the 1.X config files go?

It’s the same as if you are running under OH2 with OH1 compatibility mode…

Well, that’s completely not obvious! May some hints in the 1.X repo would be helpful, like some sort of How to document?

I guess nothing is obvious until you know it, and when you do know it, well, it’s obvious :wink:.

Anyway, please feel free to add to the documentation - it can always be improved for sure :slightly_smiling:

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